(… and yes, I just said that… Gimme a break, i’m tired.)

Ok… ive been quiet long enough. Ive had a few days to calm down, the throbbing in my aching thighs has subsided, and I think I can look back on the days (weeks, months) with a bit of clarity.

Bravo to you all. I know you all understand how we felt going into this; a little unsettled and uncertain and not really knowing what the hell was going to happen. Maybe you even felt the same? Are they going to come out and well…. be “old”? I have never been more nervous in my life as we announced the show (yet never more calm walking out on stage) and then released We Got The Love… shit, even the title scared me!. Once again though, all of you guys have proven to us that our relationship with you trumps all and proves everything to an industry that consistently beat us down through the years and drove us away in the first place. Can’t thank you enough.

I had stated before that all of us have accomplished something with some very real and forward thinking results. When we announced the shows, we had heard many voices in the industry say incredibly stupid things like, “It’ll never work” or “They are setting themselves up to fail” etc. We actually know who some of these little tits are… and they are of course still the same ones who shouldn’t have jobs. They walk around spreading their consistently negative and misinformed opinions and actually do damage to the reps of the good people in the industry simply by being dumbasses. I repeat, i’m not talking about the entire music industry which has some truly amazing people in it… just some of the folks who should go away and make some room for the good ones to rise you know? All I can say to them is GAME, SET, MATCH IMEnation…. and to not so kindly “go fuck yourselves” …. You are not welcome here. (although I can’t wait to see you again!)

Some highlights of the night: 1) some of the good industry folk actually buying tickets and having a blast… Some never having experienced IME and our fans, and admitting to us afterwards, “I had no idea!”. A very warm thank you for being open minded and for just having fun. 2) old fans bringing a ton of IME newbies to the show. This is the only way we can continue and expand the concept… We need to reach out and convince people one by one if we have to, that with and not against IME or other bands like us is definitely the place to be. From all reports from fans, we convinced all to join our cause. 3) everybody in the audience singing. I mean, to get a couple thousand people singing “while the tree of importance waits” is no small feat… Trust me. The biggest thrill, (and shock to the industry folk btw) was everybody singing We Got The Love after only 2 days as a non downloadable tune online. No mass radio campaign, no iTunes sales or promotion… nothing. Just our fans patiently waiting for new music.. and pouncing on it! Lol! Incredible amount of thanks for that. 4) that all of this was accomplished through non standard means. We have no label, no management, no permanent road crew, barely any equipment and no media push (we had something like 75 media requests for the shows to be reviewed and written about… and we said no to all of them. We felt that if you are coming to the shows just to find fault to write about, then buy a ticket and stand inline with everybody else. We are done with the ass kissing that we were expected to be a part of in the past. One popular writer even threatened us and said we “had to”… laughable. 2 sold out shows and we “have to”? Our response to anybody with that attitude is of course another “GFU”! Lol! 5) most importantly, looking around onstage and being surrounded by the best guys and musicians I could ever hope to be in a band with. Extremely emotional as I write that… You have no idea what it means to a musician to have this.

I’ll be writing more blogs now that we’ve finished up and have more time to do so. I need to hunker down and say thanks some very specific people who helped us with the shows and with the song. Stay tuned as I have a ton of new ideas to share as well and need your thoughts.

So i’ll close out with saying how special these nights were to us, clams and all, and you need to know how appreciative we are to be allowed to do them. After 8 years passing and with only 5 rehearsals we made it through relatively unscathed (with the exception of my aforementioned burning thighs) for almost three hours each night playing for roughly 4500-5000 fans… Not bad for a bunch of old guys huh?

As Brian stated during the sets…. The awesome reception of our return leads us to believe that this may be only the beginning.

Thank you.



  1. Willeh

    Thank you IME for both shows. My friends and I have been waiting/dreaming of these days for almost a decade. I made it to the Thursday show with my one other die hard IME Fan and good friend (both of us have tattooes from IME album books) and it was as though the set list was created just for us, a magical experience i will never forget! On the drive to Toronto we even had to change a flat tire on the side of the 401, nothing would stop us! The Friday show we brought an IME army, over 10 people from the small town we grew up in to enjoy one of the best shows ever performed. Thank you so much for both shows,and the new track. I will be in crowd for the London ‘Rock the Park’ show!

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  3. Steve Gazo

    Hey Jag/guys.

    A little late, but I just wanted to say thanks for the great shows! I was at both singing to EVERY song. The only thing I was upset about was that you guys didn’t put my tattoo design on Chris’ bass drum which we joked about when Brian was doin the tat last summer. LOL. Don’t know if you remember that. I knew you were joking, but a small part of me was hoping to actually see it on the kit; woulda been so badass! haha.
    Anyway, I’ll be waiting to hear about more concert announcements (I will never be satisfied until I hear Hell & Malfunction live!).

    Thanks again guys! Keep it up!

  4. Myke

    Alas the newswire I shoot for was one of those rejected media access. I admit I was a little bummed, but the fact is I’d bought tickets in that 5 hour window, so I was going to Friday’s show no matter what! I’d just wanted to be allowed to bring my big cameras in and get good pix.

    Regardless, I did get a bunch from the crowd, here’s one of my fave’s of Jag – – I’ve got more, I’ll post & upload them over the next few days there. The lights were pretty good.

    It’s too bad you were apprehensive about a bad review – you should’ve heard the show from the pit – f*cking awesome!!!!
    (I might still write a review 😉

    And when will we see some stuff from all those guys with HDSLRs shooting video all night? :)

    • Jag Tanna

      So sorry that it went down that way! We have been constantly attacked in the press in the past as apparently we are not “easily digestible”, and “jam too much” lol! We think its one of our strong points but reviewers tend to focus on so many of the wrong things. There was a reviewer from one huge newspaper if i remember correctly who gave us 3-5 stars once and she didnt even come to the show! We felt that this show was almost like a private celebration and we wanted to keep that feeling as long as we could, and just let what happened between us all in the venue, stay that way. Now that we “know” you, contact us anytime and we’ll get you totally sorted so you get what you need! Cheers!

      Ps. Great shot by the way!! Would love to see what else you grabbed!

      • Mike

        I remember a review of TQMD from I believe a Winnipeg newspaper. The writer claimed the album was a flop because there wasn’t enough choruses to sing along to. When you hear the brilliant songs on that record, who cares if every one has a catchy chorus? I remember just shaking my head in disappointment. I don’t blame you one bit for your attitude towards the media.

        • Jag Tanna

          … And people wonder why we are doing it differently this time!? This happens to every band, not just us. It really comes down to people not really doing the job that they are supposed to be “experts” at. Please find out who that person was…. Im sure we’ll be back in Winnipeg… I’ll bring my sharpie for the guest list.

      • Dana

        I was also disappointed to not be able to bring in my ‘good’ camera which did not have video and was solely for the purpose of documenting one of the best concerts I have ever been to and a band that I have followed so many years who never cease to amaze me. I hope my backup worked okay, will find out soon when I get the film developed lol.

      • Geoff

        Thank you Guys for rocking the house down on Fri night! I am now a week later fully recovered, and waiting for the next show where ever and whenever it may be (I need to see some of those TBA’s filled in on my new shirt!) It was all I expected and more…now I’m going to listen to We Got The Love again, damn it’s good!

  5. Matt

    I sat at my computer watching the countdown on youtube, anticipating “The Mothers” (the title was a spoiler but oh well) and BAM! It happened, I got all emotional and shit and continued to watch all video available from the shows. You guys were incredible as always, I only hope I will get a chance to see you live again in BC. Jag we all know there is no shortage of fans that would lend you guys vans and shit, haul gear with the most respect and work security all across the country…and all for free lol….fuck it man, you guys should crank up the “unorthodox” on this mother and just hit the road! Meh I know reality is different but I can dream. I really admire the approach you guys are taking this time around and enjoy the effect it will have on certain people in the music industry. The new song is kick ass, the shows looked amazing, please keep it all coming.

      • Matt

        Oh no worries man, my “spoiler” comment was a joke…here I thought I was “only” gonna see a video of The Mothers, instead I was on the edge of my chair waiting for the countdown knowing what was coming…it was so awesome. I am so grateful to all who shot video of the shows…some great pieces that showed how Jag plays some of the songs!!(taken by another guitarist perhaps? :) Now Im all fucked up playing IME songs….anyway this is all so fuckin fantastic!! and there is always some bit of IME news to be excited about!!! Thanks

  6. Jeremy Turowetz

    About 10 years ago my dreams began to die. Things I loved drifted into obscurity, drowned out by noise of greed and a bleeding sea of ignorance. The swell swept away ideas to give hope, find joy and be free.

    At first I fought this slavery, pulled away from conformity but due to my own selfishness; anger was all that I became. Anger bred from ego lead me to rebellion. I wanted so much to be the victim I became one of my own vitriol. Before the end, I broke. I fearfully rejoined the machine to make good on time lost. I was left with the illusions fed by worlds not mine urging me to become a thing that I could never be.

    All that remained was a shadow of the hopeful youth who once found freedom in bearing skittles at the request of another joyful dreamer outside Concordia University in Montreal years prior.

    My ideas died. I didn’t try to fix, instead I tried to break a world that I had begun to hate.

    Years passed quick, sitting still, trapped in the fear that the movement of my mind might take away potentials I never dared express. The idea of my greatness was far better than the test. It took its toll; I nearly died as did my mind.

    Recently, some people chose to reach out to me. They have taken care of me and are slowly teaching me to live free. Recently, I find my voice again aligned with the laughs and loves of life.

    Fueled by hope and entropy, when wild love accesses technology I see the white noise of industry that drowned out the good intentions of the freedom that flows inside is now in turn drowned out by voices of a people screaming for something pure and new and old and amazing.

    Thought we don’t understand what we want, we want it bad.

    So I sit here, at my first legitimate job in years, feeling the love. I shed some tears. I am happy to be feeling again. As I listen to this new-old song, feeling a new-old feeling, while thinking a new-old idea I fill with hope. I once again believe that I can play a part in the liberation of the shackled spirit of mankind. Turns out that dreams don’t die. Sometimes they just go to sleep for a while.

    Thanks for coming back.

    • Jag Tanna

      Thank YOU for coming back…. Not so much to us which of course we are grateful, but finding yourself again and feeling that you matter… That feeling of worth comes from sharing whatever good that you can find within yourself, with others. Do good things… And matter to everybody who comes near you. Make life count.

  7. Greg

    So sick. I made it for the Friday show. It was just… such a sick show! The live show was so tight. The countdown was certainly worthy! Crowd interaction was awesome. The new song is amazing. JT, you said it all in your post; ditto ! Your fans are here and the world, whether they know it or not, is anxious for some more IME.

  8. Brad W

    The really cool thing about the whole experience last week was seeing the amount of 30 year old somethings who have followed you guys since we were teenagers show up and have good times again. And to see 2500 people there on Thursday was amazing. If there was one thing that I really noticed about Thursday that was lacking before was that you guys were having fun again. I hope that the enthusiasm that was shown on Thursday night leads to more success and I totally buy what you guys are doing. There are many of us that are sick and tired of the shit that gets played on the radio today. Mainstream radio and record companies have completely sapped any talent or creativity that is out there. For us, the loyal, you just have to tell us where and when and we will show up. I feel the love baby! Peace!

    • JD

      Have followed since I heard a boot of the your incredible demo out of the number 9 dub house on cassette in ’91, and your equally incredible show at Opera House with the artist painting that fantastic christlike mural on the wall in the back with a headlamp in the dark – way before even dig.
      Just wanted to specifically say how so-enjoyable the wide span of content at the Friday show was, and what a fantastic job B did of singing all of it, knowing how much I cared for the early stuff. I also really grasped how awesome the more recent tech/electronic heavy content is, and will be looking around for it.
      Even though there is a glitch with my download code, all the best and looking forward to the next track after this one.

  9. Clint

    According to the reviews and pix from the shows, you’re not only sounding great, but looking great to boot. All of you guys are looking happy and healthy. So good to see.

  10. Colin Davis

    I’m a relative newcomer to the IMEnation. I’ve always had your singles on regular rotation, but never delved into your albums until October of last year. I was on tour through the east coast and the other musician I was with put on Quicksilver Meat Dream during the long drive from Toronto to Fredericton. I instantly knew on some level that it was I Mother Earth (Brian has a pretty recognizable voice), but I wasn’t positive until Like The Sun came on, which I had known for years. From then, I knew I had been missing out on some awesome music for quite a long time. When I got back from tour I got my hands on your cd’s and have listened to nothing else since. I mean that literally. I have had nothing else on rotation but your albums since November.
    I had no expectation of ever hearing any new music from you guys let alone seeing you perform live, so when I heard that there was a show announced (and in Toronto, no less) I knew I was going to be there. And when the second show went on sale I gave very little thought before buying tickets for that one too. I was able to get my room mate to join me too, even though the only song he knew of yours was Summertime in the Void. He is now a big fan. I Is Us is his favourite.

    Both shows were better than they had a right to be. I lost most of my hearing after the thursday night show, but was smart enough to bring earplugs for the next night. I stayed after the show friday night (not Thursday because I had to work at 8am friday morning unfortunately) and was able to shake hands with both Brian and Jag, which was amazing. That, combined with the amazing performances and observing your guys’ interactions with other fans afterwards, has firmly cemented I Mother Earth as my favourite band.
    I’m so very very glad I was able to see you play live two nights in a row. I’m hoping I’ll be able to again.

    Thanks for rocking so damn hard.

  11. RocknRobertson

    Jag I loved reading your post and I also loved reading everyone elses. It reaffirmed why those two nights felt so damn special. You guys blew our minds and we were all ready to take what you were dishing out….it has been a long wait. The energy within the Sound Academy Thursday and Friday was absolutely insane and only added to the excellence that we had the privilege of witnessing. So thank you to the Mothers for letting us enjoy you once again…I am so happy that our reception was enough to keep this train a runnin’

    PS. The way that IME handles itself and its music is why I have such a passion for the group. So I couldnt be happier to see you doing things your way and it being such a success. You create fantabulous music that has never gotten the credit it has deserved and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to open their eyes and see what IMEnation has been seeing for years!

  12. Woody

    Jag and the guys:
    It was an awesome show, one of the best I’ve seen you play (and I’ve seen quite a few).
    One of my draws to you as a band was that you weren’t afraid to experiment and deliver your vision uncensored. You tried new things, and weren’t afraid to do so. Unfortunately the radio ends up hacking up a song and ruins it…
    There are are few bands that can offer the harmony of music and lyrics that you have always delivered on.

    Thanks for an awesome show!

  13. Jason

    I never did understand completely why you had to take a forever too long break, other than that of the music industry not standing behind true talent, simply because they couldn’t mold you? Anyone I ever introduce IME too likes it, I still remember years ago playing senery and fish at work and although my boss didn’t say anything, I caught him moving to the music. Rush rised up against the industry, and are still going, you guys can do the same thing. I will always buy anything you release, and if need be I’ll put my 25 bucks up now just to one day receive your next masterpiece in the mail, you rock! the industry sucks. Can’t wait to hear some more, and see you again, so I can hear some of those other great tunes you didn’t play friday night live again.

  14. Kevin Takeda

    You guys deserved the love! An IME newbie that I brought to the Friday show said to me after “They stopped for 8 years?”. I had a hard time believing it myself. You guys blew the roof off of the Sound Academy.

    I truly do hope that this is just a beginning. IME Nation missed you guys. And after what I saw and heard on Friday, seeing you guys walk away for any reason other than it being what you want would be a crime!

    Hope to hear more soon!

  15. Dan

    Had tickets to both shows, but unfortunately was only able to attend Thursday. I say unfortunately because it was truly an amazing show and after reading only 5 rehearsals, it makes it that more incredible. I’m glad you guys are back, and yes I hope it’s only the beginning.
    We Got The Love…only have played it a billion times this week. When I listen to it, it’s like you guys didn’t miss a beat. Not many bands can do that. In fact, I can’t think of one lol. Except you guys of course.
    So thanks for putting on some of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.
    I hope I can see you guys again soon.

  16. Kristina Pick

    Great post! I can’t believe that jackass threatened you and tried to tell you guys what you “had” to do!! I really love this new approach at making music (minus record label) and I know I for one will support you guys in anything else you want to do! More music, more shows, I’ll be there or buy that 😀 Also, I’ve said it before, and Ill say it again, the show was unbelievable. I seriously have no words. I was disappointed that I didn’t think to get tickets for both nights!!

  17. Mike Q

    I have to say, bravo to you guys. You guys came back to us as if you guys read our subliminal messages to come for a visit. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I will admit that I was a smidge nervous myself to see what kind of reception you’d guys get towards the announcement of the first show in 8 years. As IME fans collectively, we had your backs.

    All concerns of what made me nervous at first completely dissolved upon arrival to the Sound Academy Friday. There was that buzz in the air, a lot of smiling, excited and anxious looking people racing to lineup just to get in the door upon opening. I was watching the crowd stream inside upon getting in myself and I swear I could see and feel the energy grow in that room. It was a pretty eclectic, energetic mix coming through the doors, which I concluded can only be a good thing. It meant that word had travelled well far and wide, bringing out only well wishers, do-gooders, and those about to rock, and that even new fans are just as, and arguably even more important than old fans. Someone has to keep up the good word for you guys when us diehards aren’t present. It was a great sight to see considering you guys hadn’t even made the stage yet.

    A little mingling around with some of the best fans I’ve ever had the pleasure of rocking with and it was clear that this was going to be something big. The supporting acts did a great job supporting not only IME, but IMEnation as well. Whoever decided to get Dodger and The Bright Light Social Hour to be a part of your continuation should be applauded. They did themselves well and fluffed us up nicely.

    I’ve got very little to add to the other comments here. You guys exceeded all expectations. And I’m a cynical type at times. The 2 IME virgins I brought along had a blast to tunes I’ve probably pushed to the point of annoyance on them at times, but at least now they get why.

    At the end of the night I think we all left invigorated after what we just witnessed. Insert cliched figure of speech here. :)

    And to the naysayers who tried to take the steam out of your locomotive? Stay off the tracks!

    Keep up the good work guys. You know where to find us.

    P.S. – I sure hope we get to see some of that footage the film crew recorded 😉

  18. Al

    Jag, thanks for the great read, and the amazing show on Friday night. Your thoughts really puts things into perspective as to why you needed the break, and the bullshit you have had to deal with in the industry. Well done, and congratulations. You can count on my support for any other shows in the GTA (how about an outdoor summer show!), as well as any other for-pay songs you may release.

    Only 5 rehearsals? Coming from a hack guitarist that has played in some bands in a previous life, that is insane!! It really speaks to all of your collective talents and the amazing chemistry you and your mates enjoy.

    I really can’t remember if I have heard the band perform any better in the 10 or so times I have previously seen the band play (it’s been too long, I really can’t remember), but I know none have felt more special, and there were more than a few moments during the show where my only reaction was a shake of the head in amazement. Rain Will Fall, Shortcut To Moncton and Meat Dreams were particular highlights for me.

    Brian has really grown as a vocalist. He was incredible. I was a little curious when I heard the first few intro bars to Sule, but afterwards I was glad you decided to play that. Powerful stuff.

    Finally, my friends and I were also really impressed with the opening two bands. I’ll be searching out and buying some of their music. Both were entertaining and energetic, and all seemed to be accomplished players. Was the keyboardist that played with you the keyboardist from Dodger? If not, who was he? It was a nice added element!!

    Congrats again, and thanks for everything!!

  19. Phil Laffin

    Posted earlier to praise the band. Came back to praise the audience… I moved to Toronto from NL 3 years ago and have seen A LOT of great shows where the musicians give 110% of their energy. Thursday night was the first time in forever where I saw the audience giving it right back. Sing-alongs + Bouncing + Fist Pumping & Shouting out loud!!!! = AWESOME SAUCE!

  20. E

    What can I say… just mind blowing boys. Jag, your solo during earth sky and c was absolutely epic. I brought some friends that didnt know much about ime and now they’re here Sule gave me goosebumps… And I think ive heard “love” about 35 times at this point… I havnt heard anything like it in years…I cant get it out of my head! Im now craving more ime…A show in Ottawa would be great 😉 Or at least new music.
    Thx boys

  21. Trellawny

    You guys certainly shared the love! I honestly didn’t think the day would come when IME (*my fave band*) would get back together and be even more awesome than ever. Wow, just wow. So grateful. I’d forgotten how much I liked rockin’ out at rock shows… at YOUR shows! I’ve got the taste back now and I love it. I missed it. I hope, indeed, that last weekend’s epic rock ‘n’ love fest was only the beginning.

  22. MPK

    glad you posted to the blog, i was starting to wonder if IME passed out in a ditch behind sound academy around 1:30am sunday morning following the beastly 3 hour set!

  23. Sean B

    EPIC concert boys!!! I was front and center at your Friday show watching each of you give er’! And 3 encores… I couldn’t have asked for a better concert. I haven’t been to a concert since 2000 when I saw Oleander, Fuel, and 3 Doors down(headlining). You’ve renewed my love of live music. You should be damn proud of yourselves for putting on a show like that! Keep em coming!

  24. Chris H

    It can’t be said enough how much the show meant to you guys as a band and us as fans. I am lucky enough to be part of the IME community who have been losing our minds waiting for these shows. We have been blow away by your best performances to date and can’t wait for more! Naysayers be damned, the people have the power now; not the industry.
    Hell yes Jag et all.

  25. Clint

    Reading this gave me goosebumps. Such a good feeling to read through this and get a sense of “fuck yea!” coursing through my veins. There aren’t enough words to describe how great it is to see how things are unfolding for, not only you guys, but for us fans as well. Doesn’t get much better. So excited for everyone that things have come together the way they have.

    Now you guys owe Bruce an Orlando show. :) Hint hint.

  26. jennifer

    to Jag and all the Mothers. Thank you guys so much for a wonderful night. I have seen you guys more than I can count and each time it’s always “the best show I’ve ever seen”,lol. The one thing that has always separated IME from everyone else is your INTEGRITY. When you called it a day back in Nov 2003 as sad as I was that I would miss the awesome music I totally understood why you did. I hope this is only the beginning. The next generation of music lovers needs a band like you guys for inspiration. With much love, js

  27. Liam Savage

    Congrats on the amazing show Jag and co. The Friday show was epic and made me realize that you guys haven’t lost a beat at all, fantastic! And Jag, you’re still one of the most underrated guitarists on the planet, you slay dude. I can’t wait to hear more new music from you guys, don’t make us wait too long!

  28. travis Pick

    Jag, I’m so happy this was the huge success it turned out to be. Fuck all those industry meat heads. Right now they are SCARED because bands like you guys are figuring out that you don’t need them. Gone are the days where the record labels could control everything because they were the only outlet for fans like us to get to hear talented musicians express themselves. There are so many other options out there that striking fear, or making up dumbass laws are the only things that these leeches have left. Right now they’re just fighting to stop the avalache that is about to drop on their heads. It won’t be long and the barons of the industry will be on the other side, begging for a chance.

    The show was mind blowing. It was the longest 5 minutes of my life watching that damn countdown, it felt like the full 8 years waiting for this. Then the lights dropped, and that oh so familiar twang of The Mothers flooded the room. Wow just wow, if someone invented a way to experience the emotions of others, i’m sure that 2000 + people would have died on the spot. Myself and the rest of IMEnation were overwhelmed with elation and excitement, but I think that you guys enjoyed it more than we did.

    The smiles on your faces when Summertime in the Void finished looked like you just got laid for the first time. The band’s reaction is what made the show so special, there was a mutual understanding of what the performance meant at the moment, and for the future. It was special.

    Plenty of bands get up on stage, have a few beers, jump around a lot, have an AMAZING time performing and put on a great show. But this was different. This was once in a lifetime. And for that sirs, I and the rest of IMEnation thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Keep playing, and pass on a GFU from IMEnation

  29. Holls T. Hunt

    Still carrying so many good feelings from the shows. Walking around for days with a huge smile. Absolutely amazing, I can’t thank you guys enough for those two nights!!

  30. Nancy

    Friday night was by far the best live experience I have ever had. It was the combination of an amazing set by you guys and a great crowd that was just full of love for you. Also, being with a group of people who could completely relate to how I was feeling in the moment, how much the night meant to me and how fucking happy we all were that it went so well for you guys. You deserve to know how much your music means to your fans and I can’t think of any other band that has a relationship with their fans based on such a high degree of mutual respect. Maybe ‘those’ industry people get that now. Thank you!

  31. Steph P.

    Seriously, so glad you guys are back. Fuck the naysayers, though after the shows I think there are quite a few less of those.

  32. Nathan Chamberland

    The greatest show on earth: IME LIVE!

    I certainly felt the love. And we all did for each other. That’s the great thing about IME fans; we are all family across warm deep oceans!


  33. Riley K

    I smiled so hard while reading this! So glad that the experience itself proved to the naysayers that they are the minority and can’t stop you.

    Kudos to taking the reins and doing things your way. We will be there for the ride!

    And thank you, once again, for two nights I’ll never forget!!! Nothing better than old friends and good music to appreciate life!

  34. Mike

    Jag, thank you so much for doing this for us and for yourselves. You’ve helped us find our passion for IME that slipped away over the years, rekindle old friendships, and give us hope for the future that there’s so much more to come. There’s something so unique about IME, its fans, and the relationships between all of us. It warms my heart to be a part of all of this once again.

    Kudos on two unbelievable shows and the best song I’ve heard since 2003. I can’t wait for where it all goes from here.

  35. Mark C

    I’m still in awe of what I saw on Thursday and Friday. I tried my best to soak it all in; as I never expected to be attending an IME show ever again. I’m sure you guys feel the same, but it’s almost like getting much needed closure on something, but it also feels like the beginning of a new chapter. I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

    Thank you guys for doing this!
    Mark C

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