WE GOT THE LOVE….. that loves you more !

Well… Here we go. The first IME song in about 10 years. The song is called “WE GOT THE LOVE” and well, it rocks! We’ll be posting it around 8pm so stay tuned.

Releasing this song to you guys is an absolute honour and I cant really explain what it means to us for you to finally hear it, especially at this point in our lives. We really never thought any of this would ever happen again. This song doesn’t represent us “getting back in the game” by any means and whatever happens with it, or whoever plays or doesn’t play it, is of no consequence.

It’s a simple thank you to our fans for sticking with us throughout our whole career as well as our absence.

As ive mentioned before, “WE GOT THE LOVE” is appropriately and unapologetically “us”. (I think when you hear the words you’ll understand where we are coming from) Hope you enjoy it!

Ps. Learn the damn words for the gigs! lol!


  1. Miss M.

    You couldn’t be more right about this tune being “appropriately and unapologetically “us”. It SO is…hearing it – there is NO DOUBT that it is the work of IMO…takes me back to the ‘ol days. Welcome back!!! I’ve missed you! :)

  2. Cutch

    Great, another broken surrender and so long
    Another slow arriving train has let me down
    Led me on
    The light comes slow, so one of us may rise and grow
    No undertow to think about
    I know that some of us may find that road… a way alone

    Say you like your lot, we love you when it rains
    Like a lot of voices loud they get you down
    They lie and they bore us
    They won’t let us go or let us in

    And then it ends, same as always
    With lions in my bed, and riots in my head
    I surround it like a lover
    Break your heart and bless them souls…
    Cause we got the love that loves you more

    Hey, the swollen sunrise is lovely, almost done
    A lake’s hold, the mountainside fire wine county life
    So like a home
    The light has shown, the one of us will come to know… they’re not alone

    Hey, it’s not enough to wait for better days
    Not enough, the love and drugs are what I blame
    Defined and divorced it
    Your summer wind blows it…yet again

    Go hard, go heavy and no less aloud
    I give you my breath and know
    I give you my every hope
    So don’t let me down

  3. Skee

    I know you don’t have any other touring plans right now, but you should try to get on the bill for the Osheaga festival in Montreal. A nice hour set during the evening would be epic and they always have tonnes of Canadian bands!

  4. Phil Laffin

    Shows were amazing! My first ever IME concert was Thursday’s show, I was heartbroken back when the tours stopped and posts to the blog slowed down. Then the website went offline and I thought I’d never get to see you guys live.. Now your back and I finally got to see my favorite band perform live! It was nothing short of phenomenal.
    Don’t you f#kin’ dare disappear on us again….. j/k……. seriously

  5. Jaeger

    Wow. Congrats boys for doing this – it took courage! And your new song has blown my socks off already! Keep it coming. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and will be as long as you keep making beautiful music like this!


  6. Steve

    Friday’s show was superb. Worth every bit of the 120 miles we drove to see it, and then some! I’d be so redundant to echo all the other sentiments expressed here. I can only ask that you come back, keep recording, and please consider doing a show down in Rochester/Buffalo. We’re so gifted to enjoy Canada’s priceless talent, my life has been so enriched by you for so long. Thanks for being.

  7. Tommy Slak

    I just found out you guys were playing together again, and I seriously can’t wait for new material here… ‘We got the love’ is killer, I’ve been waiting for years for this. Glad you’re back, guys. Made my day.

  8. Mike D

    We Got The Love is amazing!! Absolutely love it. Thank you thank you and thank you! A bit pissed that I’ve yet to hear it on the radio, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised…radio doesn’t seem to understand good music. Also, the Friday show was amazing. The best concert I’ve seen in about 10 years…you guys sounded f’n amazing and the crowd loved it…an absolutely amazing experience. My apologies to everybody in the VIP seats for singing at the top of my lungs, but I just couldn’t help it. :) I hope IME keeps it going…it would be a shame to stop now.

  9. Rob

    Just got the song after hearing it live on the 23rd – what an amazing show! And a new song that has the soul of the band, what an awesome gift guys, thanks. The band sounds amazing – you all killed it last night. Brian nailed “Songburst and Delerium”, my favorite tune of the night for sure. Wherever you go from here, I totally appreciate what you’ve done, and what you will do.

  10. ericspercussion

    I don’t want to repeat anything in depth that has already been noted, but it is amazing that you guys are back together. I have been waiting and checking the internet randomly to hear the news I heard a week ago. I went to the Thursday show and it was amazing. You guys sounded great. I am glad you got back together…it would have been a gigantic waste of all your talent. You sound great together. Keep it goin’.

  11. Danielle

    I obviously live under a rock. Oh wait. I live in Manitoba. But I just learned of the more than exciting new that my favourite band of all time is back. In the last 8 years I’ve married the love of my life – who is obviously an IME fan as well. I always knew we get that chance to share new IME music together. I just yelled at him for interrupting my first listen to the new song, stating “I was in love with IME WAY before you came along.”

    • Matt

      I’m with you man, I’m gonna go insane if I don’t find a way to download the song…..Jag I love you bro, but you’re killing me!

      • Trevor

        I agree with Matt-the song is outstanding. I want it for the car, the house everything. Got to get a copy & would be happy to pay for it.

        • Doreen

          If the PINs from the show can be re-used, can we share them with others that do not have them? (I have not tried to re-use one yet) thank you :) (shows were high energy…phenomenal!!!)

  12. Corey

    Like some other dude previously commented, I’ve been randomly Googl’ing IME for the past decade always holding out hope of news. One day it magically appears, and now we have new music that sounds superb!

    I just remember thinking all of these years what a waste of talent it was for the boys not to be laying down music like this.

    Keep it going guys, we’re loving it. Oh – and a gig in Vancouver while you’re at it please.

    • Happy Tapper

      YES!!! I’ll second that! I have been hoping and praying to the universe for years for the return of Canada’s most exciting rock band!!! You guys are so loved!!!


  13. Tera

    Hey Jag. It’s been a long time! The new song sounds fantastic – I’m so glad you guys are playing. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you play tonight in fact, but if not tonight then soon! I’m listening to your tunes now and it brings such a smile to my face. Miss you guys!

  14. JimmyK

    Hey jag just asking through here not sure if easiest n I know u check before goes through anyway was wondering the time ur going on Friday n what’s best way to come say hi…
    Earlier for sound check or just come see u after the show…
    Know ur busy n sorry to bother u but would nice to see u n Chris n say hi…
    Take care n just email me if easiest…

  15. Doreen

    Super excited for tonight and tomorrow….thank you for making my rock n roll dreams come true :) About a year ago someone asked me which band I would choose to “come back”…my only answer was IME…and now the time has come!(still pinching myself lol)…taking my best friend Tanya tonight, she had a double lung transplant almost 18 months ago and loves to rock, so proud of her ! :)
    Hope you all have an amazing time playing these gigs, your Nation is here :)

  16. Colton

    New song is fantastic. Sweet production quality, searing tone, really just a great job all around. Hopefully there’s more to come!

  17. Andrew Forbell

    I was moved to tears tonight.
    And for that I thank you, gentlemen.

    For too long, there’s been nothing but an endless slew of meaningless, uninspired, vapid “muzik”.

    This song has renewed my faith in the possibilities of new music.

    Sometimes, tears are good.

  18. Ted Perrin

    Awesome……it’s what I’ve been waiting so patiently for! The sound of all IME albums rolled into one! Thank god someone still knows how to make rock and roll! Please, please keep more of this coming, I’ve been a fan since day one and will always be a fan……I’ll buy your music however you decide to present it. I just want you to keep making it! And also……please, please don’t ever change your guitar sound Jag……I’m looking for an old school Naylor or Budda to crank up in the basement thanks to you! Unsucessfully I might add. Will have to settle for cranking IME I guess!

  19. Noah

    A flood of goosebumps came over me listening to this track. An incredible sense of comfort overwhelmed me. It’s soaring, beautiful and uplifting. The wait for new material has been painful, but so very worth it.
    It’s hard to believe the shows are almost here.
    Jag, I used to see you guys play all the time in Montreal, and had the great honour of interviewing you a few times for college radio stations I worked at. Those memories are among my most precious. And I can’t wait to see you guys on the stage Thursday and Friday. They’re going to be some special nights. Thank you.

  20. Nancy

    I’ve literally listened to the track dozens of times by now. One of the great things about IME is that there are so many layers to the songs you get such a better understanding of them from repeated listenings. One of the words Ryan Grant used to describe the song was confident, and I wished I had thought of it. It sounds like you picked up where you left off, no rustiness or awkwardness with not playing together for so long. Great work, guys. So looking forward to the shows this week. My 12-year live show drought is finally coming to an end.

  21. mike dunham

    I just asked bookie at the edge to play we got the love and he said he hopes to…..great sign if you ask me……

  22. notquitesonic

    After so many years this song is still so genuinely IME, so genuinely original and so genuinely god damn good! Driving to Toronto from MTL to see the show Friday, will be so worth it!

  23. Christian

    SET TIME? Apologies if this has been answered already – tickets say 8pm, is that doors? If so when would you guys hit the stage? Thanks!!

  24. D

    Hey Jag, Will you guys be making the lyrics available? I’d like to post them on my site.

    It’d be more fun to wait until after the shows though to see if people are able to transcribe them first. It’s not like you guys are unintelligible like the Bee Gees or anything. I’m just too lazy to write them down :)

  25. Burton M

    Awesome tune. I’ve already e-mailed Power97 here in Winnipeg to request it and get them to add it to their rotation.

    Cheers and keep on rocking!!!

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  27. Loren

    Man you guys, this song is just awesome. I love the hooks, I love the artistry, and I really love the vibe. Really positive. I’m gonna be doing what I can to get it played out West :)

  28. Will

    Hey Jag,

    Do you think the download will be availible before the show so I can learn the damn words? LOL. Ive got a 4 1/2 hour drive from Ottawa so that would give me plenty of time. Cheers my friend

  29. Jay

    Can’t stop smiling and can’t stop putting this on repeat.

    One issue: if you want us to sing along, we need the lyrics to be posted!

  30. craig

    i agree with all the previous!!! right on!!! I must add that even when you guys release something that could have mass appeal it never sounds contrived or candy-assed its just a strong song with good playing and cool hooks. BRAVO!! Love the breakdown with the percussion in there! How bittersweet though HAHA!!! Now I’m jonesing to hear about 10 or 12 other tracks!!!!! Definitely intrigued to hear what else is lurking in your collective musical psyches dudes!!! Again sounds great and best wishes in a couple days….

  31. Chris Mc.

    how do we get this on radio so more people can hear this? This is what IME is all about, this is what I have been missing! Can we contact stations to start playing this?

    • Jag Tanna

      Yes and yes!! We have zero help from anybody but our fans! No record company to schmooze the radio stations anymore or anything like that… Just us, and you.

      • Matt

        Well done sir….I plan on harassing my radio station with extreme prejudice…whatever it takes to convince you guys to keep this rolling. Dude the new tune is so….you…..it’s kick ass!!!. I can’t wait until it can live in my mp3 player.

  32. Chris

    I’ve been involved with music one way or another for most of my adult life and have always gravitate towards music that moves me. I Mother Earth have always had a special place with me from the Edwin days to the masterful Quicksilver Meat Dream. In an industry full of crap and BS it is amazing to hear you back making music that actually matters again. I will always remember hanging out with you guys backstage in Calgary when you played with Biff Naked, hope I get the chance to see you in Calgary again! Cheers to what you are doing and all the best, i’ll buy the CD when it comes out cause you know you will have to put this music out at some point!!!

  33. Peter

    Great tune. It definitely has IME feel and brought me back to when you played Sault Ste Marie in (I can’t actually remember). I look forward to what you have up your sleeve of us!

  34. alf

    Just amazing! Sounding fresh, love the guitar tones……love the riffage, the funky-ness, the beats, the bass……..you guys haven’t missed a step.
    Please comeback and destroy all these shitty bands, bring back the rock! I need a new IME album serious haha

  35. Bevan W

    This song rocks! Nicely done, fellas. Super pumped to hear it live on Thursday! I realize things are probably up in the air right now for you guys in terms of releasing music, but as a guy that still likes to buy CDs I’d just like to let you know that I would LOVE to get my hands on a physical copy of some new IME tunes!! No pressure though… right now I’m just grateful that I’ll be able to see you guys play on Thursday!


    • Will

      Agreed!! Im a CD guy too. I cant just sit around the computer all the time, so I like my Cd’s. Here’s hoping. Fingers Crossed for when the time is right lads.

  36. Melanie

    Okie, I’m 4 listens in.. I gotta get to bed, but just wanna keep repeating this. So happy right now. Thanks IME. You guys are just wonderful :)

  37. Al

    It’s like I fell asleep in 2003 and just woke up, without missing a beat. Thanks guys. Can’t wait for Friday night!!!

  38. RocknRobertson

    Im with Travis…within the first two notes my entire body was goosebumps. So excited to see We Got the Love played live on Thursday night :)

  39. Karan

    soo soo soo happy to hear you guys again! is the song going to be available to download (or possible already is)?

  40. RocknRobertson

    Here’s hoping 8 oclock doesnt mean 8:30 my little heart can’t handle the anticipation for much longer 😛

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