Another show… another sandwich

PEOPLE!!!! WOW! The blog should actually end there….

So let’s see… a really interesting and surprising week in IMEnation don’t you think?

First we have the whole unexpected reconnection with Edwin, culminating in a new partnership to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the FISH, then we announce a show in Toronto that sells out in 2 minutes, forcing us to get organized and book another… not to mention trying to answer the crazy amount of emails, interview requests… I feel like I haven’t been off of my phone for 2 weeks. Hate it and love it at the same time.

We really didn’t know what to expect regarding the first announcement we made last week or how the show thing would pan out. I know I sound like a broken record here with the “we are so surprised..” and the “we didn’t know blah blah blah….” but it’s so fucking true! I wish you could be a fly on the wall to actually hear how we speak to each other about these things… confidence totally wrapped in a blanket of doubt and uncertainty. Still… we move forward.

We really just try to stay focused on the actual realities in front of us, get ready to put the time and effort in to make ‘stuff’ happen, and surround ourselves with positivity (which is actually tough given the nature of the business we are in, but so far so good!)

The first order of business in front of us is to respond to the overwhelming reaction to the show. The only option really is to add another isn’t it? Kind of obvious. So today is all about organizing that, and getting more tickets on sale for Thursday morning! 10am I believe. Again, we don’t know what to expect, but a ton of fans couldn’t get in, and we’re hoping that adding this second show gets everybody in the door! Exciting stuff!

We are also trying to react to people complaining about getting shut out by scalpers and missing out and we have some simple and cool ideas to help everybody. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow! This is nothing new, just a big never ending piss off and every band hates it. Some actually do care about it enough to try some things, some don’t. I think you know where we stand.

I received an amazing amount of really cool emails post announcement with support and some really well thought out questions. I promise to get to them as soon as I can but there are literally 100s in my inbox. Currently making my way through it all trying to condense my thoughts a little bit. This week everything seems to be governed by “the Shows” and slowing me down on that front. On it!

So while this blog is short and pseudo-sweet, I just wanted to thank you all personally for supporting this project and allowing us to continue to make music or y’all. It really is sumpin’! The reaction across the country has been nothing short of phenomenal and who knows where it all goes, but “interesting” for IME fans, even the fringe/casual ones, is most definitely an understatement.

So the sched today in the life of this “rock guy” is:

A) write blog and eat sandwich
B) go to dance recital for daughter, bring another sandwich
C) a ‘sit and strum’ rehearsal of Scenery and Fish with Edwin
D) championship hockey game with daughter
E) besitos
F) finish mixing this other band’s tunes
G) more besitos
H) sleep (maybe… depending on the aforementioned besitos…. or maybe just a sandwich)


Not a bad day at all!

That’s it for now… of course we will talk again soon, probably by the weekend after all of this shit settles down around our feet (knees?).

Love your Mothers… (and muchos besitos)


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