Some more cool show happenings…

Sorry for the lame title… i’m tired and that’s all I have!

Ok… So, I mentioned in a few posts lately on FB that we would think about some ways to get some of our long term friends/fans and supporters into a show. While most of you indeed got your tickets, some hardcore fans missed out! Whatever the cause, we think we have a cool way to appease everybody and keep on celebratin’!

If you got left out and didn’t manage to get your hands on tickets, I would like you to simply email Some of you have already received initial emails from her indicating that we are working on ‘something’, but if you haven’t and would like to get into one of our Phoenix shows, please email her! Just put “IME Phoenix Tickets” in the subject line.

I really can’t say too much more about it all right now, but want you to know we are trying to take care of as many of you as we possibly can, and that starts with those who are reading this blog!

Let’s get crackin’ and make sure that everybody gets a shot at sharing these amazing times with us!

Y’all rock by the way…




  1. Will

    Hey Jag,
    Would you consider doing a release through Pledge Music?
    Maybe something like Scenery & Fish on Vinyl? Let us fans help put the money into the release of it. That would be amazing.

    Thank you

    • Mike D

      Great idea!! I would definitely support anything I Mother Earth puts on vinyl! Jag, just let me know how much $$$ you need… I’ll put a 2nd mortgage on my home and sell my girlfriend if need be.

  2. Luke

    Can’t wait to see you guys with edwin. I got shut out in both sales, but will definately find a way into one of these shows. Any chance Bruce will make it for these toronto shows? I hope we get to see some acoustic tunes as well! Hopefully brian gets the stp gig and can get you guys on tour with them.

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