Okay kiddies…. It’s time. www.imotherearth.ca/store. We are finally making the tune available for download after much pestering… Pretty excited about it actually… maybe even a little bit nervous. We have given you a choice of hi res Mp3, and hi res .wav. (hey, if you’re spreading it around we want you to have the best sounding files to copy from!) Up to you which one… For now you can buy it via paypal or credit card. (no paypal account required)

While I know we have given approximately 5000 downloads away and everybody probably has the song already, we thought we would put it out for sale just to see what happens. I have some theories I want to share with you before doing so if that’s okay.

We in the band have come to a basic understanding that we will probably never make any money from writing and recording music again… We have absolutely zero expectations of that ever happening. (I honestly don’t ever recall any fat payouts in the past for going platinum many times over so the bar has been set really low!). You would think it natural for us to be bitter and angry about that fact, but surprisingly, we aren’t.

Releasing this song has given us an opportunity to share some new concepts with regards to the relationship between band and fan, and given us some new things to believe in.

The idea that is constantly put forth in the media and in the industry is that music fans everywhere are all thieves out to destroy all that is good and sacred with the music business. People who do hunt out good music and promote artists simply through word of mouth are lumped in and labelled alongside massive pirating sites and we think this is absolutely unfair. Our very public relationship with you now has an opportunity to show others that when fans have something to believe in and when they feel informed and involved, good things can happen.

So we are releasing this new track with a few simple ideas that I think you will all understand.

1) if you can afford the song, please buy it… If you honestly can’t, steal it from somewhere but take on the noble mission of recruiting new people to join us all in this new adventure.

2) if you do have to steal it, let’s call it something nicer like “borrowing”, and hopefully you’ll be in a better spot financially or otherwise to buy the next, or perhaps buy a ticket to a show, or call the local radio station to play it. Support=currency to us in a way, and we will gladly trade you straight up!

3) As we no longer look at really trying to make a living from this, all that we ask is to be acknowledged for the work we put into it and hopefully make enough to get the next one made. No more, no less. We aren’t looking to get wealthy from releasing songs or even care all that much about that kind of stuff, we’re definitely over it! We just really want to prove to a lot of people that being honest with fans can work, and that a band like us can continue to make music and be relevant given the right circumstances. The commerce side of things for us just has to be based in honesty and a belief that our music actually matters enough to a handful of people, allowing us to make more for all. The $$ becomes secondary and actually insignificant. For us, it’s all about integrity and principle, period.

So, it all seems kind of simple, right? I dont really know what to expect. Just know that as we promised with playing shows, you supported us, and we immediately added another show, and we are treating songs no differently.. if you support us, we write and record more for you. That’s it. We are putting 100% of anything we make from We Got The Love directly into getting the next song made, and so on and so on. If we have a surplus from one song, we’ll find ways to make more music available cheaper if not free. Contrary to popular belief, it wouldn’t take much at all to do this, surprisingly enough… If we all can grasp this simple concept, and get involved, there is no reason to stop creating for you at all.

A lot of people are watching us right now… and yes, this includes you! Together we have the chance to prove to any and all that this is a concept that can work for a band like us, or any other artists for that matter. I SO want to be right…

Let’s have at it then…… Song #2 is waiting.



  1. Dave

    I have been a massive IME fan since 1992. Grew up in the 80s and so the 90’s were obviously when I was the most into music. I own each and every CD that hit the market…and even got into the new stuff when Edwin departed. IME and other 90s ALT rock bands shaped my musical tastes, really. Can’t thank you guys enough…love supporting Canadian music. Keep touring, and getting around IME! Best of luck for your future!

  2. Dave H.

    What a great (sorely needed) rock and roll song…just bought it and can’t wait to buy the album. I like this method of selling your music too. I’d love to see all the profits go to the artists. Cheers!

  3. Nora B

    I’m a big fan of all the new Canadian music coming out and IME is right up there tops for me. I’m nowhere near your usual fan base in demographics. I’m probably your mom’s age.
    But I have been looking to get this song for awhile now. Finally clued in I should look not in all the usual places.
    Keep rocking. Much talent.

  4. Jared Christensen

    Awesome Song, love the intro riff – do not listen to radio much just happened to hear on local Live 105 here in Halifax, NS – and decoded by SoundHound on my iPhone – and tracked it down to here!

    Go Canada!

  5. JasonL

    wow, great song guys! I was always holding out hope there would be more IME songs after reading an article on canoe 3-4 years ago stating it was a possibility. Looking forward to seeing you in Moncton at the Magnetic Hill site, it will be a great time and a great venue, hopefully you get a chance to play a full or extended set!

  6. Vinster

    Hey guys! Was listening to “Scenery and Fish” while studying for an exam, and felt like a break was needed. Looking to promote good old rock alternative from the 90s through Facebook, I ended up on You Tube looking for “One More Astronaut”, and learned through the comments that IME was back! First thing I did after posting the YouTube link was race to Google and found this page. Second thing I did was read through the blog entries. And then, something incredible happened. Third thing I did was actually buying a song online, something I have never even considered doing before (I much prefer the CDs). I think you guys are on to something with this “business model”. Whereas buying a CD gives you actual solid material, buying songs online has always seemed odd to me: buying kilobytes, something you can’t really put your hands on, and invariably sending your money to recording companies rather than the artist… for doing what, really, other than endlessly copying a file and making it available on iTunes? When I read this blog entry, and when I saw how you guys answered your fans directly, looking out for them, personally solving problems without ever asking questions… it felt refreshing. And as I was processing my order through PayPal, I was smiling all along!

    Keep up the good work, and please drop by Montréal whenever you get the chance!

  7. Busty

    Guys, this is SO great! I missed you. Just bought the wav and anxiously awaiting the link. Let’s hope this works out even better than you expect so I can see you on a gig in Berlin, Germany. I’ll be watching you…

  8. Jonathan Murrin

    Hey guys, was cranking Meat Dreams just this week past and I decided to do a little internet search to see if anything was happening with IME….I was blown away to see that you were back together. I guess we don’t get the best rock music news over the radio in Cold Lake, AB!?! They’re too busy crankin Toby Keith…sigh. Anyways, amazing news that you’re back together.

    So, I bought the song through the website and have received a paypal receipt but no link for the song download. Help please?

  9. Jacob

    Any chance you can get it up on iTunes? I’m lazy that way, and I don’t really like entering my credit card info all over the web. Plus, it may end up getting you more exposure! Many people still don’t know you’re back together.

    • Jag Tanna

      I’ll make it easy on you. I’ll just send you the track. ITunes is a no go for a little while. After all, we are trying to prove a very large point together with our fans and it’s working. The longer we can stay out of the machine, the happier it makes us…..

      • Jacob

        Ah, now I feel like an ass for being selfish in requesting that the song be available that way. You guys are working hard to make music with no expectations at all. I get the message 100%. :)

        Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll download it from the link you sent me, and then I’ll go actually purchase a copy of the song from the site and do a shameless promo somewhere and give the code to a fan who didn’t know you were back.

        BTW, Scenery and Fish was the first CD I ever bought, back when I got my first CD player.

  10. Corey

    Howdy – I bought the .wav version of the song and received my link. I waited a couple of days to actually download the song, but got the expired link error when I did get a chance to download.

    I replied back to the purchase e-mail – store@imotherearth.ca a week ago now and haven’t heard anything.

    It’s only $1.80, but I’m dying to d/l the song. Can I get a new link please?

  11. Will

    So Jag, how many units sold for WGTL?
    If you could share, Im Very curious to know how close we are to getting another tune.

    • E

      Wow. That was really neat to watch… It blows my mind how someone can come up with that.. I wish I could play like that.

  12. Ted Perrin

    Hey Jag…..yes b’y!!! Awesome new tune!! Just bought the mp3 and wave versions….not because I need both copies but because I want to contribute and help you create more new tunes! Please keep them coming, I will always buy your material because I know you guys put your heart and soul into your music and there is no other I Mother Earth. I own hard copies of all your albums and even in the age of itunes and digital downloads I still make it a point to go out and buy an actual album of bands that I love. Call me old fashioned, but I love having an actual cd with liner notes and cover art etc. which all add to the experience of listening to the music. I still have one or all IME albums in my truck at any given time and to just like I did at my grade 12 grad in ’98…..I put that cd into the cd player and crank it up until just before the speakers start to distort. I will probably always do that. Not trying to say that I don’t like offerings of tunes via download…..in fact thats awesome, keep them coming……but what I mean is, if you ever decide to compile enough new material for an album I will buy it from you. Dont’ care where I have to go to get it……I’d be happy enough to send you money and you send me an album. It’s all good with me! Either way, you have a fan for life, I’ll always buy your music, I’ll always come to your shows when you’re in town, and I’ll never get tired of your old stuff! I like your new business direction and as a member of an original music band I’m watching how you are doing this with great interest and respect. Just PLEASE DON’T MAKE US WAIT ANOTHER 8 YEARS!!! LOL!!!

    • Will

      Im with you 100% … I Still love going to the local music store and grabbing a CD. Im not big on the digital music business myself, but because IME is doing it I have to be now. lol.

  13. Cutch

    Hi guys,

    When I bought & tried to download the WAV, it was not the full song. When I re-tried the download, it said the link had expired. Any chance I could get a new link? I have the 320kbps, but would like to get ahold of the WAV too.


  14. Dan

    I just checked out the Edge website and apparently they are playing “we got the love” right now. Too bad I cant listen, cause I dont live in Toronto! Does anyone know if the song being played on the radio is the full unedited thing?

    • Jag Tanna

      So far, everybody is playing the full length-hair under six minute version all across the country. Kudos to all who do, and kudos to our fans who keep insisting they do so. Every station wants to play it, and do feature it daily, but cant put it into rotation until they go through their process. This usually entails a radio promo person officially presenting (called servicing) the song to the station. Dont forget, we are just like any other non label, non management band and jump through these same hoops. Although at this point for us, we only jump so high. We’ll see what happens.

      • Adam

        Hi guys-

        I always got so discouraged trying to get my material on radio as an indie artist working solo and competing with major label acts. I didn’t understand the business and probably still don’t, but I do know that it must help you now at radio (as an independent band) given your great reputation? You’re not exactly starting from nothing. Of course your music helps the most, and “We Got The Love” is a great song. Maybe you could elaborate on how bands should approach and market their songs to radio?

        I’m also extremely curious, and would love for you to shed some light on this for me, and anyone else you may be interested. Given the fact that I Mother Earth is so damn good, and has such a good track record of live performance and great songs, how can you guys not make a living from it?? I didn’t expect you to be rich by any stretch, but I don’t understand why this particular and very outstanding band wouldn’t be able to do it full-time for a living. Is it because perhaps you guys don’t want to tour regularly? Or maybe you just don’t want to be involved with major labels? The pressure of having to produce a full album with a couple of ‘hits’?

        I still think with your current ‘concept’ you could be full-time, couldn’t you? Sales of each song, performance money and royalties from radio play? Not high enough to support the band expenses if it were full-time?

        Anyway, sorry for so many questions. Oh yeah, I would love to know more about your recording process!! You always have the greatest production, sound engineering values and the great performing on top of that makes it sound so amazing.

        Finally, does Brian feel more at home doing rock songs, than his country alternative songs? Or is it an equal thing? He looks and sounds at home in IME, and of course songs like Jens Song really support his voice too. They’re just quite different vibes. I guess that just speaks to his versatility.

        Thanks and all the best,

  15. Dan Campbell

    To add on to my last comment the fans want a new CD dude we love the new song and the shows kick ass I went to the thursday show and my friend went friday and new news on shows or music can you please email as I am a father now don’t get out as much lol. I will say it again I Mother Earth Is The best Canadian band keep making music and having shows

  16. Dan Campbell

    Hey guys great show was at the first show on the thursday night bad leg and all I wouldn’t miss it.The show kick ass the new song rocks you guy in my mind are and always will be the best canadian rock band I want more music and show hell my 7 year old son loves the new song.

  17. Ryan

    I’ve been meaning to post somthing here about “We Got the Love” as well as tge show last Friday, but insread I wrote something on my blog. I think it sums up my feelings about everything pretty well. Have a read if you want.

    I Mother Earth – Love Your Mothers

    I’ve been pointing anyone I know with good taste in music to it in hopes they’ll get on board and downlod “WGTL”.

  18. JimmyK

    Great concert last week have been lucky enough to see u guys probably more them anyone or as much…great new song…wishing u guys all the best…no one deserves more…

  19. Lue

    This is an amazing business model for musicians now a days, keep up the good work! I’ll buy the next one for sure (broke after 2 of the best shows I’ve seen)

  20. John

    I bought both the mp3 and wav file. I’m having the same problem as some other people in that the wav file cuts off before the song is over. Can I get the full wav please? :)

    • Jag Tanna

      It isnt happening all that often but we think we fixed it this morning. If not, email the store@imotherearth.ca and we can pretty much get you the file directly. Im the only one that responds to the blog and im definitely not that reliable! I need more eyes on this stuff…. Thanks for hanging in there, we’ll make it right for you.

    • MPK

      i was having the same problem. i was downloading it in chrome and it would cut off at various points, different each time i tried. just for kicks i tried downloading with IE9 64-bit and it was able to download completely. not sure if that was just luck or if chrome was having a problem specifically… hope you get it sorted out dude

  21. LC

    Hey guys… I am SO happy to see you guys back. Love the new track. Can’t wait for the next one. Hope to see you in Halifax someday!

  22. Harold COllins

    Bought it, twice!! SEE YOU IN LONDON!!
    Jag, quick question about your rig, do you run your pedals into a midi system and have different mixes banked? or do you just have a bunch of pedals?Also, are you using a whammy pedal on some of your riffs or an octave pedal?and last … do you run straight into your amp, or are your effects going into an effects return loop? I remember you saying something about using the Budda because it had 3 channels…i think. Just wondering what your setup is, and if you have any pics you can post. I’m trying to re-tool my pedal board and wouldn’t mind picking your brain. Take care
    – Hc

  23. Dan

    Listening to WGTL makes me realize why you guys are who you are…very talented, and honest musicians who no doubt have inspired many others to pursue whatever passions they have.
    The Thurs show was phenomenal. Had a ticket for the Friday show, but couldn’t make it…and my response to was “Damn I’m gonna miss seeing them play”…even though I had just seen you guy the night before lol.
    I’ve been requesting WGTL on local stations, and honestly it’s a great song, and there should be no reason not to play it, so I think I’ll just have to keep bugging the crap outta them until they realize they should have played it sooner.
    Been posting your soundcloud link to friends FB pages. Nothing but positive things being said. Now that it’s available for download, you’ve given me another task. More posting on friends FB pages telling them they can buy it! lol.
    Can’t wait for more.

  24. Will

    Hey Jag,

    I purchased both versions of the song, and when I click on the link in my email it brings me to a blank page that says “Link Expired!”

    I already got the free download from going to the show, but still wanted to help out with support. Is there much difference between the freebie and the others?



  25. Scott

    Hey Jag,

    Just purchased the 24bit/48Khz wave file. For some reason mine ends at 2:48. I tried playing it in a few players and also imported it into my DAW and it’s the same everywhere. What can we do for me to get the full version :-)

  26. Cutch

    Inspiring stuff Jag, this is awesome! You guys are one of my favourite bands, and my band, Synergist will be taking a similar approach once our record is complete. Let’s just hope it works for those of us without an established fan base to start :).


    Can’t wait for future IME tracks, this song just makes me hungry for more!

  27. Corey

    First off – huge props for including an option for a full resolution .wav – the next best thing to FLAC :). I’m not sure I could have beared to buy anything off of craptastic iTunes.

    Second – here’s hoping you see enough sales to encourage further efforts. I appreciate your candor when you admit you probably won’t get rich – but nobody wants you guys to be wasting your time either. Unfortunately, touring is the only real revenue stream for even the biggest bands these days. I hope you do come to Vancouver again some time soon.

    In the meantime, I’ll keep buying whatever tracks you guys post. Loving it.

  28. Lisa Spencer

    In honour of I Mother Earth’s return to the music scene, I wanted to share my love and support for the band. I’m sure you guys get alot of fans thanking you for your music, but it is important to me that you know just how much IME has helped me. During your 8 yr hiatus, I had a son. He was born extremely premature and suffered a stroke at birth. He has required numerous brain surgeries and has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In 2010, at the age of 2, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and given only a 30% chance of survival. My husband and I were devastated. He underwent chemotherapy, and had his gullbladder and half his liver removed. Due to the financial obligations with caring for a sick child, my husband and I were forced to declare bankruptcy. With each new surgery and procedure, I turned to your music to keep me sane and provide an escape. I had to remain calm for my son. Every day we spent hours cleaning up puke, changing the sheets, learning how to care for his scars, and giving him his daily needles. Every night I put on IME to help me get to sleep. My son is now in remission. He is doing well. He is now waiting to be tested for autism (hopefully this summer). Listening to IME has kept me grounded through all of this, but seeing you guys live put a smile on my face for the first time in a LONG TIME. Words cannot describe so I will just simply say…..THANK YOU

    I do have the free version of WGTL from the concerts, but have been asking radio stations for play and spreading the music to friends. Best I can do now.

    ps. I am planning on getting a tattoo with ime’s lyrics from Like the sun combined with the CP ribbon and cancer ribbon.

  29. craig

    Yes!!! I now have mine as well…total ear candy!! i dont know what to add ..so many others have made good points. Curious though–did you do any soundboard recordings from either show that might be made available?? a potential digital live product?? that would be pure awesomeness!! acoustic bits like “Henry” for sure!! i mentioned that to you a few weeks ago..call me biased but i would still love to hear versions of “Wrong” or “Subterranean Wonderland” mixed and with with Bri on vox..just wishing out loud but that might not be possible even if you wanted depending on if they are property of some evil entity who shall remain nameless..oh well anyways..if you guys are keeping count put me in there as someone who is very happy to lay my coinage down to help the cause and keep this river of creativity flowing. I hope you will be able to look back on this and say it was definitely worth it!! Keep up the good works thanks for making my soul smile with the new tune(s) and look forward to more guys!!

    • craig

      Anyone out there please help out..already bought my version as the Mp3..no probs sounds great…..i looked at vids comparing the sound of WAV audio compared to Mp3’s and I was intrigued..are wav files compatible with Mac or would I need to download a programs for conversion purposes for iTunes?? I was considering adding the wav file as well..any help is appreciated!!

      • craig

        LOL!! Actually I was referencing their old label who released “Earth Sky and Everything in Between” but funny and interesting you zoned in on that concept. Have I missed some info. regarding late 90’s departure of a certain singer? I was always amazed at the battlelines some people drew regarding IME about Ed and Bri– one trumps the other or something of that nature to put it nicely– just funny that all this time later theres still a bit of vitriol still slinging around.

        • Jag Tanna

          Voldemort! Where the heck did that come from! Lol! No, seriously though, you would be surprised how few mentions or emails we received from people either on the line or on the other side. Keep in mind as well that even in what has been called our “prime”, we wouldnt have sold out a venue like the Sound Academy twice over. What does this tell you? Its pretty obvious. We arent ones to dwell on nostalgia… But keep forging ahead with an eye on always getting better and better. Those few comments usually come off a little sad. People still holding on to some idea of a band from the early nineties without any intention of letting them grow. If you dont like us, look the other way… We’ll be just fine. They should look within themselves and notice their own lack of growth perhaps. You have to keep in mind too that Brian has been in the band going on 15 years and whether he is with us or not, is hands down one of the best frontmen in Canada. I have even met new fans who were around 3 years old when brian joined. Do you think they care? Fans can have a way of creating tension when there just isnt any to be had. We have always wished Ed and his endeavours “good luck” with absolutely no ill will or “vitriol” coming from this camp at all. He has his thing, we have ours, and judge us all as you see fit. You know where to find him, and now, where to find us. Let’s keep our side of it positive, and show people what it means to be with us… It ends up making any nay sayers look pretty ridiculous. All is well and as it should be.

          • John

            Brian Byrne is awesome! Good ‘ol Steady Brook boy! I have always loved IME music from Edwin onto Brian. The new song is awesome!
            Come to Edmonton! Last time I saw you guys play was at a bar in my hometown if Corner Brook, NL probably at least 12 years ago. I would to see you guys perform again!

            • Jason

              That was a massive chain reaction, but, I friggin’ love Brian, and Edwin, they’re both incredibly talented vocalists… But, shit happens, I didn’t stop listening to The Mars Volta when every drummer they ever had left the band.

    • mike dunham

      I personally would lovs to hear a lot of re-recordings of old songs with Brian. Levitate with Brian live makes me blow my load

      • MPK

        YES! track Brian’s vocals and mix into old instrumentals from the first two albums!!! friday night’s show was my first IME show ever and seeing Brian rip the old tunes was amazing. Rain Will Fall was soooo damn powerful!

  30. Burton M

    Done and done!!!! Ahh, that WAV file is a real treat on the ears! Thanks Jag. And extend that thanks to the rest of the guys too. Like many others, I couldn’t make my way out to Toronto for the two shows, but I’m glad that I can show my support by purchasing this track. I’ve e-mailed Power97 here in Winnipeg relentlessly for the past week to play this tune. Hopefully I hear it on there soon. Cheers!!!

    • Allison

      Not fair only people in ON got to see your show! I am one of your earliest fans, dating way back to 1997! Come back to Vancouver! :) I miss the live music!

  31. Mike

    Well, I accidentally emptied my junk mail after purchasing. No worries though, already had the free track, just wanted to do my part and buy the song anyway. Might buy it again! I play We Got The Love so many times in a day that it’s worth the cost of several albums.

    I’ve repeated this a hundred times between here, in person, Facebook and Twitter… but really Jag, thanks for everything that’s happened so far. I was worried the novelty of the reonion would wear off when the shows ended, but I can only feel the excitement building. This idea WILL work. You have so many incredible and dedicated people behind you.

    Anxiously awaiting song #2!

  32. GG

    I’m sure that we would all love to contribute to see the Barrie show live on dvd fund!!!!

    One additional thought, since you guys never seem to play sense of henry live…an acoustic version with Brian would be awesome…that is of course after the new music comes out.

  33. Loren

    Ok, time for my own long-winded diatribe.

    I love it, Jag. Seeing all of this is so inspirational. I was one of the extremely unfortunate folk who could not make it to the two shows… a cross-country trip, when every cent I make is being saved for a wedding right now, was just not in the cards. It was so tough to have to watch from afar as the band I love the absolute most came back together for such a momentous event (except you guys are so much more than “just” a band to me).

    It’s stuff like this that affirms why I was drawn to you guys in the first place, way back when. There’s so much more to IME than great music that makes me happy. Every song has so much heart in it. The same for your performances. And now you guys are proving it with your words and your actions as well, as you’ve displayed above. So few bands out there can attest to that, and to going down this road you’re going down. I will help in any way I can. First by downloading the song, (and as many times as I can afford! this song is worth more than $1.29, and so is the next one!) next by getting my brother and my friends hooked, next by continuing to request the crap out of it everywhere I can. It’s the least I can do to thank you all, except to also say, “thank you” for doing this. I will be with you every step of the way in this journey, whatever the outcome will be!

    • Jag Tanna

      Love you for this. Really means a lot to us. It’s been a really great thing to see and be a part of people coming together like this to support an “idea”. If it works for us, maybe it opens some doors formother artists to stay afloat and be able to give back to fans like we are trying to do. You are all a part of a really positive and two way relationship that I think is really hitting home with a lot of people. Thanks for spreading the word and for god’s sake, stop spending money on us and put it towards that upcoming wedding… (put it towards the flower arrangements and tell people that we indirectly helped you buy them! Lol!)

      • Loren

        Haha! I’ll put that on a card in front of every arrangement – “Flowers by I Mother Earth.” You guys actually sound like a legit florist in the right context…. My grandma will be none the wiser!

  34. Devon

    Love it so much I bought it 4 times (there’s nowhere to add a tip, but you guys deserve one!)

    Keep going! More songs! More shows! More love!

  35. MPK

    okay, i’ll just say it since everybody’s thinking it: you guys and Tool tour together…pleeeeeeease 😉

  36. travis Pick

    Recently one of my favourite comics, Louis CK did a standup, recorded it at the venue, and then sold the entire show online for 5 dollars. Bypassed all the people trying to get their fingers in on something that they did nothing for, and Within 12 days he made a million dollars.

    So everyone out there, tell your friends, pass this along, tell them to hold off on Tim Hortons for the morning and buy this song.

  37. gwild0r

    I need more I Mother Earth.. I have an addiction and the only solution is more I Mother Earth!


  38. travis Pick

    Threw out my free download card and purchased the track. The gesture of a free download is appreciated and respected. Great job guys, I LOVE the new philosophy. Can’t wait for what comes next.

    • chrisnail

      …or how about a live recording from one or both shows? *wishfully thinking you recorded them* I’d be happy to fork out some dough for those, and I’m sure I’m far from alone there.

      • travis Pick

        I would be all over that. I’ve been watching every video I can find from the concerts. A full live album, or 1080P video from the concert would be insane. Not sure about how 8GB downloads would work though, I think we would probably crash imotherearth.ca within the first hour.

  39. Arthur J.

    Anyone else having trouble downloading? PayPal redirected me back to the store upon purchase of the Wav file, but nothing downloaded.

    • Devon

      You probably figured it out already, but the email attached to your Paypal account will receive an email with a download link.

    • Loren

      After purchasing you get another email with a download link. Check your junk mail, that’s where mine ended up. Imagine… IME in your junk mail???

    • Kevin

      I’m in the same boat with the wav file. Paypal sent me the receipt, but there wasn’t a link to download any file in the receipt email or any subsequent email (none came) in the inbox or junk mail. That was about 6 hours ago. Oh well – I do have the free download, and the show on Friday was amazing.

      Love the idea, and dig the song.

  40. chrisnail

    Love the song song so much I bought one of each file type, and helping make the next tune happen made it a no brainer! Can’t wait to blast this in my car!

  41. RocknRobertson

    I feel a movement coming on!!! Loving the positive energy the Mothers are creating here…feel very excited and privileged to be involved :)

  42. AaronVsMusic

    I absolutely agree with everything said here, and have seen this model work well for other bands (I Fight Dragons, for example, made $10,000 in a day by selling 100 limited edition USB Flash Drives loaded with all of their music, and included a life time “ultra fan” status that gets you into any show free, and other perks, for $100 each).

    Have you guys considered doing something like Kickstarter to fund a bigger project (CD, DVD, etc.)?

    You guys saw my video about my trip to the show on Friday, I have a couple other videos talking about the current state of piracy and sharing music, and tools for bands to stay independent.

  43. Dean

    THANK YOU for 1) making a lossless version available and 2) insisting on doing things your way. Glittering prizes and endless compromises (still) shatter the illusion of integrity. And you guys deserve the respect of musicians and music fans everywhere not just for your sick chops and skill and musicianship, but also for standing by your principles.

    More shows, please. I live in the the States, and I’m driving north (and bringing friends) if there’s another show. MORE SHOWS!


  44. Superlative

    You not only inspire us and our music, but also encourage us (among other bands and people) to do what’s right and to support one another. IME has been one of our favourite bands since we were all like ages 7 to 9 (hope that doesn’t make you feel old…now we’re all like 23-25). We all made the trip to see you guys and it was well worth the 8 years of waiting! A few of us were living in Timmins, ON (born and raised) in 2004 when you cancelled your show there for a music festival that was happening. But, after 8 years of waiting it didn’t even feel like you guys left!! SO SOLID!!!
    We already had the same idea going with the “pay what you can” method, but your blog update has helped us see that it is more of the right thing to do in this day and age, what with the excess of entertainers and bands.
    Maybe one day more bands would have this outlook and work together more than what we’re seeing to create bigger, better albums and shows. Create for the fans, because after all: they are the heart of every band. Without them and their energy, we are nothing…
    We must also give props to Dodger and The Bright Light Social Hour. MIND BLOWING openers for the greatest rock band to come out of this fine country, EH!!??!

    Much love,

    <3 The Superlative

    Twitter: @Superlative613

  45. Aaron

    Went to the show, spent a good thousand dollars getting there and got the free download but you’d better believe I will pay for the download, spread the word and spend another thousand dollars the next time you play a show!

  46. Scott

    Thanks for this opportunity Jag. As i write this, the file is downloading. I couldn’t make it to Ontario for the shows, so supporting you like this is a no brainer. If this works well, and you record many songs, I’d love to have them on a physical CD with artwork, so it can sit along side your other albums. Hope to see you boys out in Alberta very soon.

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