WGTL at the WOLF

Ok gang… Just wanted to tell you that theWOLF in Peterborough responded in spades to your requests and polite badgering, and gave IME some spins… And yes, Mom heard it and is officially off my back! Yes, the system works!! Thanks for the help!

Also, big thanks to everybody at theWOLF for coming through for us and because you “Listened…. To…The….Listenerrrrrrrrs!”. (sing it to the tune of ‘the Mothers’ and you’ll understand that one!) Now the IMEnation can send some good old fashioned love your way! Now let’s get to work and do something cool for this town! Awesome!

Also, if anybody is ever in Peterborough, head down to the Red Dog and Pat will hook you up! (especially on Shirtless Tuesdays!) Great place that supports a lot of good artists, and full of IME friends!

Now i’m going to the mall to strut…….



  1. Rob

    I heard the song on 102.1 the edge when i was driving and I wasn’t exactly sure who it was at first until I heard Brian go to town on the chorus. Thank god I was on my way home and got to confirm it on my computer and now i literally can not stop listening to it. I swear I’ve replayed it like 20 times today . I never got a chance to see you guys live, i stumbled into your music a couple years ago and it quickly became the only cd i kept in the car (I burned all my favorites) and i sing to sense of henry all the time for some reason (badly [really badly]).

    I wiki’d you guys and saw that you played at Georgian college in Barrie for your last show and I’m currently going there for a Culinary degree.
    Any chance you guys want to play there again? I’m sure they would be super down for that! (I would totally harass the student council until they submit to rock-awesomeness).

  2. Loren

    Hey Jag, just an update – We Got The Love has been getting solid airplay on x92.9 here in Calgary since you guys released it. It’s been fantastic. :)

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    Any chance of a Montreal show? I’ve been a fan since Dig and saw you in Montreal with Stabbing Westward about 17 or 18 years ago I guess. I know you guys are doing the Indie thing so I’m assuming the only way you’ll hit Montreal is if that steaming pile of crap station CHOM puts you in their rotation. For all I know maybe they have…but I wouldn’t know because it’s such a garbage station I refuse to listen. Knowing these tools, I’d give it a 97.7% chance (heheh) that they’re not. But if you guys want to play a show in my basement, you can stay in the guest room for free. But it’s only a single bed so you guys will have to do some spooning. Free pints though.


    Yesterday on the edge at 5 the DJ fred plays the top
    5 songs we got the love was number 3 I was having a
    A bad day than I hear the song on the way home turn
    It up load in the car stop at a red light and had about six
    People say they were happy I mother earth is back and
    We got the love is a kick ass song there you go Jag I am
    Spreading the love


    Hey Jag
    So we got the love was on the edge tonight
    On the top 30 songs this week number 22
    Last week number 27 bookie had noting but
    Good thing to say about IME tonight after the
    Song played and also said you guys had big
    Plans and more songs to come I hope there
    Will be a new cd from you guys once all the
    Music is done hell you have the fans

  6. mike in lindsay

    any warm up gigs around peterborough?a nice little intimate show would be killer at say the RED DOG….

  7. Shawn B.

    Happy to hear canadian radio stations are supporting canadian bands no matter there location or size!

    By any chance is IME planning a trip/show in Calgary AB? Pretty sure there a fan base out here 😉

  8. Zack Labine

    I reaaalllllyyyyy like the new song. Bought it burnt it to cd and blasted it around st albert in my car. Woooooohhhh! Great solo btw


    I have bug the edge so much they played we
    Got the love three times yesterday haha your
    Wright about everything you have said its so
    Nice to have good music back from I mother
    Earth hope you guys stay around now and show
    The music world how it works


    Jag I see you posted the dates and the location of the
    Up coming shows is that it or will there be more to come
    I hope to be at the toronto show just to see I mother earth
    The show in London ont you guys are playing the thursday
    Night are you the head liner that night

  11. Mark Ryan

    would you ever consider recording old material with Brian on vocals? Maybe as b-sides? are you allowed? It would be awesome to hear it with new life breathed into it.

      • Cutch

        Awesome idea… but how would that work? Re-record the whole song, or just have Brian sing over the old tracks? Is it something you’re planning to do for sure? Or was that “yes” just that you considered it?

        • Jag Tanna

          Its always a consideration to do something like that… We would have to start from scratch though as the record label owns the master recording. Easy enough to do though. Not on our radar just yet as we have new things to think about as you can imagine.

          • dan

            I cant imagine the songs would come out sounding anything like they did before if this were to happen. I would personally need to reinvent it and make something new and fresh. But who really knows!


      I am with Mark on this one I think Brain would
      Sound fuckin great on a album with the old
      Songs what do you think

  12. Curtis from waaayy down in Fl.

    You guys are back together, f@@king awesome!!! Seeing as I live in Florida, the chances of seeing a show are pretty much nill. Are there or will there be an recordings of the reunion shows? Thanks!


        If I can find some one to make a video I
        Will let you know when is the next song
        Or will there be a new album at all I am
        So happy you guys are back in my mind
        You are the best rock band ever

      • Adam

        I thought of offering before but thought the offer would be ignored. I did some visual effects work on Captain America: The First Avenger. Always wanted to do a music video but I’m not in Toronto area, so it would be difficult to do pro bono. If you want to discuss though just email me.

    • Jag Tanna

      That would be silly! Lol! They are arguably one of the biggest bands in the world, and we are only almost the biggest band in Peterborough! (and thats only because three days grace is from Norwood!) Lol!

    • Ryan

      Actually, I think I’m going over to Halifax Shopping Center to strut right now after hearing the news from Q104 that they just added “WGTL”.

      If you have any strutting tips, please pass them along!

  13. Burton M

    I was able to get We Got The Love played on the CBC Radio 1 (Winnipeg) afternoon show, Up To Speed with Larry Updike. It was for their 5:35PM listener request song. I’m still requesting it on the big rock station here in the ‘Peg, Power97, but I haven’t heard it just yet. I’ll keep trying though.

    • Lindsay

      To all Bluesfest goers: When you spot a six-foot-tall tattooed lady who also happens to be *7 months pregnant*, please make room for her in the front row! This concert will be the highlight of my summer! (Baby not due ’til fall…)

  14. Scott

    We Got The Love made it to number 5 on the Furious 5 at 5 on the Fox in Vancouver! Cool stuff considering they never really gave you guys much air play with Brian on vocals. Hope you play out in Van soon, Toronto in not the centre of the universe you know, ha, ha.


    Is it true I mother earth is playing july 11 at the AMP in
    Toronto opening for nickel back they are good and all
    But they should open for you guys now that’s a show
    I will not miss IME ROCKS

  16. Ryan

    Hey Jag,
    I just have to say ( I never leave comments) that I’m so excited that IME is reforming. You guys are way too talented to not be playing. Seriously, I’ve been playing guitar for 20 something years and I put you in the top 5 I’ve ever heard. You’ve got a style that’s unmistakable and expressive- very hard to duplicate.
    And to think you quit playing for 3 years – its sacrilegious! There are very few who can do what you do on the guitar, so keep playing you big dummy. Music has sucked for quite some time now, you guys should be able to completely dominate the national music scene.
    Enough ass kissing already. Jesus.
    P.S. can you give me some secrets on your rig?


    Hey Everyone
    Has anyone hear the new song on the edge yet I have
    Once should start to bug them more I guess please
    Help get played more and when is the next show and
    New song Jag please tell

    • Leif

      Yeah, I’ve heard it on the edge, not nearly enough, but did hear it yesterday, the day before, this morning… like I said, not enough.

  18. Maya Eitan

    power 97 Winnipeg just said on air and I quote “All we here over the last weeks is “play the new I Mother Earth” we are, so stop calling and emailing!!” good work IME nation :) I know I did my part!

  19. EricR

    Ticketmaster, as of this morning, currently lists one concert date for you guys … it’s an opening slot, but a great one (for exposure and such, even if others disagree with it/the headliner). I think it could be HUGE for you guys. Please let this be true?!

  20. Steve Gazo

    Good stuff! Congrats! So what’s next on the IME agenda? How soon can we be expecting to see another new track? Are there any other officially scheduled shows??

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