Songs, Shows and the current “STATE OF THE ONION”

Okay folks, it’s time to give a little update on where we are at with all things IME. Sorry it’s been awhile but hey… I was fishing (and golfing, and ATVing…. and napping).

Obviously a lot has happened since we played the Toronto shows and especially after releasing the song. So you’re not exactly alone in wondering what the next steps will be as we were wondering the same… methinks a plan has been hatched.


“We Got The Love”… who knew? After being firmly entrenched in the top 10 across the country for weeks (and still climbing!) the obvious next step is to release another song. We absolutely didn’t see this coming and figured that as we aren’t really in the game in the traditional sense, this song didn’t even have a chance! Automatically, this is a deviation from the original plan as it forces us to acknowledge this very fortunate situation and actually do something about it! Do we walk away from it or continue? Hmmmm… I did swear that I would never do anything in music again if I ever felt that I was being forced to do something, but I think I have dug my heels in long enough, fought some of those old useless competitive urges, and can honestly say i’m really dying to get more music out… integrity still intact. (whew! that was close!)

That being said, I would like to note that the downloads on our site have been incredibly steady since the song came out. This again proves that if you give any music fan something to believe in, and keep the relationship simple and honest, they will always do the right thing and find a way to support it in one way or another. Your overwhelming support for us with this song through all of the downloads and radio requests compels us to do more for you. I mean seriously, how can we not? Trust me, we’re on it!

I would love to take a second to thank the radio stations across the country as well for really going for it, listening to your audience (requests have been a huge influence in getting us played) and for just being a part of what we are trying to do. It rekindles a little belief again in the system from us, and from music fans across the country. Hope you like the next one. Warning: it might be 26 minutes long, but i’ll edit the middle section out and get it down to around 4:12. Also note that the constant badgering from our fans will not stop! IMEnation, please make sure you take a sec and send some props along as well to the DJs and Program/Music Directors that you know are supporting us (and you). There are some really good music folk out there and they deserve a pat!


After the success of the Toronto shows, and the song all of a sudden being everywhere, it got us thinking of more ways to reach out sooner rather than later. Our initial plan was to try and put on some shows around Sept/Oct but some unexpected opportunities came up that allowed us to get out and play again. Here’s a little run down of the shows and how they came to be:

Owen Sound (June 30): We honestly weren’t sure about doing this one as our personal schedules were getting in the way. With Bruce living/working in Florida, it’s tough to just do a one off show like we would have in the past, not impossible mind you, just a little tricky. The other thing being that we are only playing for 45min which is around 5 songs for us! Lol! How could we make it work? Things really started taking shape when some other shows started to be added around this date, and being as the day consists of some really great bands and friends of ours, we decided to go for it! Really looking forward to it and can’t wait to rock! Of course the next day is……

Newfoundland (July 1): The idea of once again playing Newfoundland has been on our minds since this whole thing started up again. The offer to play in NL has been an on again/off again affair and it was actually the last piece of the July plans to come together. One minute we had a show, the next we didn’t… this went on for awhile, and we were beginning to think it wouldn’t happen this year. Thanks to all who are getting us back to the Rock! The shows are about as good as they can be for us out there and for Brian to return home, you can only imagine how pumped we are to make it back! Coolest thing about it is that we are headlining and can give our fans the 2.5 hours of music they deserve! Not to mention it’s Canada Day and it will be an absolutely insane crowd that’s ready to rock. They have always treated us like gold there and you have no idea how excited we are.

Moncton/Ottawa/Toronto w/Nickelback (July 7/9/11): Now these shows really came out of nowhere! When you get to shows of this magnitude, you can only imagine the politics involved in just trying to be a part of it, and being as we have none surrounding us, what chance would we have, right? Believe it or not, it was a surprisingly simple process of just asking. Really refreshing. The only thing we have to lose is a bit of pride if we were refused, so why not give it a shot! We actually share the same agent (Ralph James at The Agency Group) and figured it wouldn’t hurt just to float it out there just to gauge interest! Much to our surprise they said yes and to top it off, gave us an awesome slot as direct support in front of around 35k people a night (except Moncton of course which has our friends Three Days Grace between us). Many thanks to them for giving a band with no management, no label and no traditional industry backing a chance to do their thing in front of such a huge audience. This speaks volumes, to us, and to our fans. Thanks to all who made it happen.

It’s funny (and slightly ironic), but we had tried to play with them as far back as 2002 if I remember correctly, but with so much of the industry between us, I doubt the request even made it to them. With the industry not involved in our current existence, now we’re playing together… go figure! Lol! Love it! We always thought that although our styles may be different, we are both still rooted in basically the same thing: big rock, big shows and giving audiences something to remember… oh, and zero shoe gazing! Nothing better than an evening full of that, and I absolutely believe that their fans will be able to draw this same conclusion.

It’s a given that we will do our best for their fans on these shows to make the nights rock and we really hope to make quite a few new ones of our own along the way to join us on this new phase of our career. This is what it’s all about people! Reaching out! We are really amped to be involved and look forward to meeting the fellas and having a great time.

London, Belleville w/Slash (July 25, 26): These two shows were on the table even before we played the Toronto shows! It was really hard for us to commit to anything as we had to make it through these first shows and see if we still felt it. Obviously, we did! The London show is really special for us as the first radio station to jump on We Got The Love was FM96! Their support for us has been incredible and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to play there. We don’t forget this kind of thing… bigger plans for London to follow. I don’t even know how long of a set we get to play, but we are just happy to be there! (to top it off we’re playing with Slash! I mean, c’mon!!)

Belleville will rock as well. I don’t think we have ever played there and it’s going to be great to finally do so… and again, with Slash! Really looking forward to it!

That’s all to report for now but there are many more things to add. No details just yet but things are taking shape.


Who the hell knows? Lol! Once we are done with the July shows, there are a few concepts we are working on. One that I am really excited about is myself and Brian getting out there and doing some intimate/interactive shows where we deconstruct our tunes and present them in really different ways and get you involved in different aspects of it … get your creative minds and voices ready.

I am also about to do a follow up post that expands on this concept, as I want to get as many creative people involved as possible. Yes, this means all of you! Watch for it…..

Ok…. I’m spent and I now have to ice my iPad elbow.



  1. Zack

    Edmonton Oct. 26, got my tix wooooo can’t wait. I’ve never seen IME live, I need to prepare for the occasion. I know, ill go watch YouTube vids of your guys live shows for a few hours. Yes awesome

  2. Anthony

    At the Toronto show that took place in May there were videographers outside taking interviews and they had mentioned it would be for a promotional video for IME. I would love to see that video. Any idea where we can find it?

  3. Remi L

    Just wanna say how grateful I am for all this awesomeness. As a 21 year old I never got the opportunity to see IME back in the day, fingers crossed for an Edmonton show! Keep rockin gents

  4. Jamie

    Yes I can also verify you played Loyalist College in Belleville in ’96. I was a student there and it still ranks top 5 in my concert going experiences (U2 @ MLG is # 1!!). Can’t wait for the Peterborough show in August. 10 minute walk from my place and a homecoming that is LONG, LONG overdue!!!


    Jag tell the rest of the guys in IME I said
    Best of luck tomorrow at the show rock out
    And have fun

  6. Chris C

    Pleeeeeeeease come down to Sydney, Australia. If you got some press kits you want me to send to the local stations let me know. You guys rock! Keep it up!


    Hey Jag and the rest of the guys in IME the
    Party of the summer is about to start in a few
    Days in owen sound good luck hope it rocks
    Like the first show did in toronto that I was at
    Jag will there be another show later in the year
    In toronto that you guys are going to head line
    And play for like three hours again because
    Your first show back was kick ass its like you
    Hadn’t stop playing and the fans loved it thanks
    You Jag and the rest of the guys for bring back
    IME we have missed you and the good music as well

  8. Gazo

    So much awesome-ness!
    It’s still pretty surreal that you guys are back and writing/performing again.. It’s gonna be a summer to remember for sure…

    : )

  9. Will


    So I remember you saying that you were watching Chris huffing and puffing through song #2 (or is it 8). Now your hinting at a 26 minute long song. Im liking this. So we might be in for a mini album in one song?
    I gotta know, when might we get to hear this?

    • Jag Tanna

      Im in the middle of 3 more songs just waiting for one to speak to me. One will rise up and beg to be finished and offer me some guidance. Thats how it works from now on… The song will write itself and at some point it will let me know it’s ready for me. WGTL happened the same way. All instinct, no thought. The epic will wait for now… Still collecting ideas, all of which are weird and wonderfully unlistenable, can’t wait to break it to the fellas!


        Hey Jag if we have waited this long for
        You to come back I bet the next song will
        Kick ass just as much as WGTL did and still
        Is. I have said it before welcome back to the
        Music world we needed IME back thanks
        Dude hope you stay put this time and have
        Fun doing it and prove all the asshole out there
        That IME doesn’t need them just the fans and
        You must know you have lots of fans than and
        Now keep making music and kick some ass

  10. Jason Teller

    Lived in Canada for 8 years and loved the music scene and especially IME. I remember every show I was lucky enough to catch including one at Big Buck’s in Burlington where we all waited outside in what had to be -10 degrees to get in and you guys totally set the place on fire! I am so excited and grateful that you are back together and making music again – thank you thank you thank you. Just trying to scheme and plan on how to make a trip up from Denver to see you again. Keep it rolling!

  11. Frank

    So glad IME is back, playing shows and creating new music. Congrats on your unexpected but greatly deserved renewed success. Being in Texas, little chance of seeing you this summer, but let us know what we can do to spread the “Love” down south. As a lifelong fan (since the first time I heard you in ’93), I wish you nothing but the best. Your resolve to do this on your own terms is commendable and the fact you’re having such unprecedented success is amazing. Good luck to you guys this summer!

  12. Kevin

    Please if do intimate/interactive shows, do us all a favor and record the sessions. You got my money if you do :)


    Looks like its going to be a fun summer for
    IME with the shows and new music should be
    fun I love we got the love and can’t wait for
    The next new song when will it be out Jag
    I hope this isn’t just a summer thing and you
    Make and play music for a long time to come

  14. Ted Perrin

    I was happy to hear IME playing to fans again and releasing a new song……I can’t even tell you how happy I was to hear you are coming back to NL to play George Street!! I was on cloud 9 for days especially since I’ve been checkin the web for years for some sign of activity……then I check the calendar……it’s phyiscally impossible for me to make the show. I was actually sick to my stomach to realize I will be offshore bobbing the North Atlantic ocean making my living on an oil tanker while IME will be rocking the arse off all hands down on George. I really, really will never get over this……I know it’ll probably be a long time before the Mothers align again and are able to visit NL. Honestly……I can’t belive this… have no idea how much I’ve looked forward to this. IME music has been firmly planted in my music playing devices for years and I’ve admittedly cranked up the volume an extra notch and cracked the window a bit more when crusing down the road with the new tune on! At least I can say I was at the last George Street show and that’ll have to do. I really wish I could come out and support you guys and sing way too loud up front with ya. Think about me when ya hit the stage…..I’ll be far out to sea wishin I was with you guys. PLease keep doing what you are doing…..I’ll keep buying your music. There aren’t many bands I’m this enthusiastic about but you guys just offer something different and I can’t get enough of it. Have a great show…..hopefully your gear makes it down with ya this time. Think about me and if ya can…..throw me a tune!

  15. Chris Mc

    Can’t wait to see what’s next. I was I London when WGTL hit and I’m on Edmonton for the summer. I get goose bumps every time I hear IME on the radio.

    I’ll also be hitting up wrif in Detroit when you get the press kits ready.. great idea.. this may be the way of the future for the music industry.. from the groundup!

  16. Jason

    Please play hell and malfunction in owen sound. 45 minutes only, such a tease it’ll be the best 45 minutes of the day. because you guys are on the bill was the only reason I got tickets.


    Hey Jag wow what can I say I knew you had
    Lots of good plans coming and the fans are
    So happy you guys are back I can’t wait for
    Song number 2 so what about a new cd I bet
    It would work out very well what do you think
    Jag hope to see you at the toronto show

  18. Scottt

    Yo IME!
    Great you are “back”. Even though it’s like you never left. An fyi…you have played Belleville. 1996 @ Loyalist College. And it kicked ass!

  19. Julien Poirier

    I consider Dig the best debut album ever, by anybody. Hell, all your albums are stellar! I can’t wait for your show in Moncton. I hope you guys get a big slot for a nice beefy setlist. Rock on!!!

  20. Donald Murray

    The deconstructed thing sounds really awesome. Bif Naked just did a tour like that and it was fantastic.

    • Jag Tanna

      Ummmmm…. Methinks this would be totally different. I’m not thinking on presenting anything remotely like an unplugged session… More like playing Quicksilver front to back with just a strat and a baritone with Brian (and maybe some friends) and getting the whole audience involved. Q and A as well to demonstrate how we go about the business of writing music. A lot of other surprises as well.

      Still figuring the whole thing out but really excited about taking it across the country. We shall see….

      • Matt

        Across the country indeed….that would be a pretty badass roadtrip….seems to me a small “intimate” setting like that would be perfect for smaller cities maybe? Just sayin….looking forward to it either way.

  21. Steve

    I’m so stoked for the St. John’s show! I’m flying in from T.O. for it. Well OK, I’m flying in for a wedding on the 7th but the Canada Day announcement was just icing on the cake!!!

  22. Jon B

    I wish we could get the “Love” to spread down to the 50. I will try my best to get up to Canada, but in the meantime what can we do for you down here??? Guessing its a bit more political down here and especially since you aren’t touring here as well, but let us know and we will fight for you, too!!!

    • Jag Tanna

      Really its just a matter of getting the song to radio stations and telling them what we are doing on our own. Top 5 in the country with no label, and aiming to keep it that way. Its a good story that can open doors, then the song will have to win them over. We had a ton of great pockets in the States where we were more popular than we were in Canada…. If we find the reason and the means to head back down, we will.

      We have fans overseas, Australia, Japan all attacking their radio stations to get us played. Pretty awesome that you all would help out like that. Much appreciated! We are in the middle of putting little press kits together for fans to use however they see fit…. Cant hurt right?

  23. Doreen

    So excited for you guys, and us fans ! :)
    Looking forward to the Owen Sound show, and to your deconstructing sessions lol…sounds like fun ! Thanks again for all of your hard work in making this happen :)

  24. Nicky

    Cant wait to see you at both the Owen Sound and the London shows. Kinda shitty that I wont get to enjoy a full set but I will take whatever I can get!
    Im with Riley on the “deconstructed” idea…that sounds very interesting and unique…two great traits of the Mothers.

  25. Riley K

    VERY Interested and curious in this deconstructed idea. Can’t wait to hear more.

    And congrats on all the goodness coming your way, much deserved!

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