Creative Minds United! IME pays it forward…

Alrighty gang… time to run some new ideas past you to see what y’all think, and try and get you more involved creatively in all things IME.

I have always believed that there are way more creative people out there that you haven’t heard of vs. the ones that you have (or maybe I should say the ones that you are allowed to hear about?). Throughout my own career I have been consistently surprised and wowed by the creativity that many people possess, while at the same time deeply bothered at the chances that anybody will ever know them. To me, this is an unacceptable and unfair situation that really needs some solutions.

I really believe it’s all about opportunity, and that anyone can shine given the right set of circumstances. The same rule applies across all artistic mediums: put the right talent in front of the right audience at the right time. There isn’t a successful artist out there where this rule hasn’t applied. Ever wonder how some obviously god awful band, singer or actor became successful? Yes, the proverbial casting couch still exists, but really all it took was catching the right audience (who has something to offer) at the right time, and relating to them in some way. Seems kind of simple no? At this point in my own career I really think that IME and my company SegmentX, have enough resources to get more creative people noticed… why shouldn’t this happen to you?

Here is what I’m thinking:

We are looking for creative people to get involved with us on many different levels (including live visuals, merchandise, videos, photography etc.) and allow us to help you strut your stuff. We want to gather as many of you together for this project and use our own resources to get your work and ideas in front of as many people as we can, and perhaps help you advance your career, maybe find you some additional opportunities, and hopefully find ways to make you some money along the way! This isn’t about ownership of you or your work in any way, but we now have the opportunity to take our own good fortune and pay it forward to the people who helped make us what we are today.

IME has always been about working together with our fans to accomplish our goals, so why not make it more official? We want to take the idea of “fan participation” to a pretty serious level and allow you all to add your own creativity to what we do. I would actually love all other creative aspects of what we do outside of music, created by our fans (or somebody that our fans know). Can you imagine gaining some notoriety or even making money back from all of the bands that you are into? I may be dreaming but I really think there are some possibilities here, and we are currently working on some scenarios in which you just might!

We do not care about where you come from, what experience you may or may not have, who you know, or what your cat does in its spare time… Just be incredibly creative and be seriously involved in the concept! (it kind of goes without saying, don’t be an asshole! Natch!)

Current IME needs:

We will take as many designs as possible: shirts/stickers/posters, etc. We have upcoming shows and need a ton of ideas. Can be as simple or complicated as you like. Would like to pick 5 asap for upcoming touring throughout the summer so hurry. We also know many other bands looking for ideas and will gladly connect you with those opportunities.

Additionally, we will need designs for things like single artwork, web images etc. as do a ton of other bands. Even if what you design doesn’t fit our own immediate needs, your style may fit better with somebody else we know.

Visual Artists and Filmmakers
As IME moves forward, we want to include a lot of video within our live show and are looking for short films, graphic compilations and all kinds of other cinematic weirdness/awesomeness to play along with our tunes. Absolutely no rules here outside of making something fit within the timeframe of a tune. Brian and I are also going to start this new deconstructed idea/tour and want to include a ton of visuals within the set.

We Got The Love… and the next batch of tunes are begging for videos, not in the traditional sense mind you, just visual interpretations of our songs. We may even make ourselves available to be filmed for the right concept if it helps. You totally have our permission to go nuts and make something groovy with our tunes. We will promote the ones we like where and whenever we can. Hopefully getting you some attention from other artists needing visuals!

We would love to find some really creative photographers across the country that we can work with to grab things like live shots, promo shots, candids, etc. When we get to your neck of the woods, we will grant you whatever access you need to help you get what you need.

Even though we are currently “screaming” up the charts, (lol!) we still have yet to approach mainstream media to further capitalize on this momentum. I have a feeling that we probably won’t, actually. Here is our media plan: if you know of anybody with an independent blog, if you know of a writer you respect and trust not to be a douche, if you know of any business blogs that want to talk indie music strategy, or any other media person who ‘gets it’, just reach out to us and I/we will make time available to contribute. Mainstream could be cool too, but only with the right people interviewing, of course. Let good people know where to find us.

Web Designers
I have had a lot of talented people reach out to me regarding this but sadly have lost the contact information, so reach out again, please! If anybody has a handle on this, or any other good ideas that you would like to see, let’s work together and build something cool and unique for all of us. This is another area where bands always have a need, so let’s connect and see what’s out there for you.

Okay. I think that you get where we are coming from. We actually want to make IME the conduit for as many creative minds as we can find, and show the industry that the path least travelled has way more creativity on offer IF you put some effort into finding it. In my own experience, the label of “professional” is overused and meaningless, but to some it’s still important. Just remember: all it takes is one job to join that club.

We want to show people that good is good, no matter where it comes from. Time to shine a light on people who we feel deserve it. Time is of the essence so let’s get at it.

Send EVERYTHING you think we should have to and let’s see what happens… then you and your cat can come sit on my couch and tell me all about it.



  1. Keith Tramer

    Buying the song in two minutes. Just reliving the first show in Brandon with OLP and the after hours visit in the hotel and trying to convince my buddy Bob to not charge you guys for the necklaces…….’dude, it may grace a photo in a magazine somewhere and make YOU famous’…..lo and behold, the US cd single had two of you sporting BOB necklaces. Great to see you guys back at it. Am trying to get to Edmonton. Saskatchewan would love to see you fellas too!!

  2. Mark Ryan


  3. Ryan In Boise

    Love you guys so much. I met you guys and followed you around Florida and even to Texas when you were on tour with Tonic. 4 shows in 5 days, and had to quit my first job. Jag – I’ll never forget that you and Christian were writing the set list the first time I met you. It was at a place called the Pyramid Club in Ft. Myers, FL. You asked me what I wanted to hear. I said “Lost My America”, and you said you wouldn’t do it. Bu then you guys played it, and you nodded at my best friend and I when it started. I eventually went into the music business, and now run a venue in Boise, ID. It would be the fulfillment of a 20 year old dream if IME could play my club. I’ll send you a private email, but I would do anything in my power to spread the love of IME as I have been doing for a couple of decades already.

    • Kris

      hey just saw you guys at bluesfest and i want to thank you all for coming because that was one of the best concerts i have ever been to!!! cant wait till you guys come back to ottawa!! see you in the front row haha


    • Mark Ryan

      That’s a brilliant idea!!!!! I have been listening to the live show on youtube all week this would be so much easier.

  4. Stan

    I’d be down for taking or trying to take pictures if you guys end up swinging by the DC area! haha, if I’m not doing music stuff, I’d like to do visual stuff! Hopefully you aren’t in the area while I’m camping with the guys from King Crimson in August! haha

  5. Josh

    It’s not often that bands invite their fans and friends to be just as active as the band is. I think this would propel the talents of some people and bring inspiration to a whole new level.


    IME best of luck on the summer tour the fans
    Are happy you are back making music Brain
    You sound great singing the old songs and we
    Got the love can’t wait for a new song soon and
    Jag what a good idea getting the fans involve
    I wish I was good at the art and tech things
    I am a big guy need a grad I will do it

  7. Jaeger

    I am devoid of artistic talent but can lift heavy shit. Let me know if you need help unloading the van when you come to Ottawa!

    Seriously, I want to help you guys if I can (and in my own small way). I need to pay you back somehow for the years of inspiration.


  8. Rob

    Can’t help you on the tech-side of things, but if you guys need some catering options for any part of the show, I can totally hook you up.

  9. Will

    Cant wait to see whats coming up a head.
    Jag, when you mention Single artwork, does this mean you might release the singles on disc? Like WGTL? That would be cool for the collectors. You know.

  10. Kevin

    Wow. Very cool. Really makes me wish I was artistic, but should be inspiring to all those who are. I’m already in line for a t-shirt!!!

  11. Shawn Robertson

    Outstanding presentation; now prepare for the resulting ‘inundation’ lol (seriously – THIS is progressive, inspiring and – well – this is really, REALLY cool)…leave it to IME to be all ‘cutting-edge’…who’da thunk it? (me – standards are set by those who lead – IME LEADS and we just sit back enjoy the art). Inspiring and cool. Yup.

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