HOLY SHIT! #1 for second straight week!!

Crazy! For the second week in a row, stations across the country are adding We Got The Love more than any other tune. What the hell is going on? We were just hoping to play some shows and you know, have a wee bit of fun with y’all! The truth is that we are blessed with a killer fan base that just won’t let up, (which also happens to make us tops in requests across the country as well!) Thanks a ton, it really means a lot.

It’s funny, but even stations that aren’t currently playing it are being inundated with your requests to play the song. One station even reached out to us to see if we could get you to ease up … Seriously, wtf is up with that? Oh, i get it, you actually DON’T want to play what your “listeners” want…sorry, i misunderstood. I get it, and i’m sorry we haven’t spent any money on advertising lately, we’re a little tapped at the moment… being “indie” and all.

On a more positive note, we really have been making some new friends in the radio world and have obviously found a whole bunch who get it! There are more good people out there than I initially thought… my apologies, i stand corrected! It’s funny but the idea of our independence is actually kind of cool to these folks, and we are thrilled that they are ‘taking a chance’ on us! Lol! Brian has done some really awesome interviews lately with a couple of stations (London, Ottawa, Edmonton) and the discussions have been spot on, and WAY cooler than they ever use to be. Definitely feeling ‘the shift’.

One thing to note is that we haven’t released an official bio or information package that outlines the strategy behind this, as we really have none. So in order to talk with us, we ask people to first read the blog, read your comments and actually become a part of this ‘happening’. They are responding favorably to the idea and it of course leads to good conversation. We just don’t have time for the fluff you know? Kudos to them for sure. All it takes is a little effort and it really makes us want to get to that city and do something in return for them. Seems like a solid game plan.

Want to hear something hilarious? Every station is playing the fuck out of the song except a couple of stations… One of them being The Wolf, right in our hometown of Peterborough! Fucked up right? 3/4 of IME actually live and have businesses here, and we all do things with our personal time to promote and build the reputation of this town wherever we go and for some reason they just won’t support us. (they never have actually, I don’t get it!) Sure they’ll play the usual stuff and even play some fucking band that draws 40 people to the Red Dog on Shirtless Tuesdays but c’mon already! To tell the honest truth, I’m beyond caring, but if I hear my Mom ask about it one more time I’m going to snap. For some reason, it matters to her and if you make my Mom upset, this will end badly… trust me. Don’t you love your own Mothers? Lol!

www.thewolf.ca, @thewolfca … You know what to do. Be kind… Sort of.

So thanks to all for the continued support. It’s really turning a lot of heads in the industry and you have no idea how wonderfully uncomfortable it is making people!

There is a bigger picture thing really taking shape here, and you guys are the reason it’s happening. Thanks to you all.

Strange this radio ‘success’ thing… wasn’t supposed to happen.



  1. Des

    I’m pushing it out of HTZ FM in St. Catharines. It’s been in and out of the number 1 slot for weeks now. In any case, if you are in need of an accountant, let me know. It was a shame I couldn’t get to the Toronto shows.

  2. Matt

    WGTL is doing very well here in Prince George (BC)…number 9 in the local top 20, not bad considering I think they’ve only been playing it for a few weeks. I guess I have some fellow IME fans here that I didn’t know about :)

  3. Jared

    I’ve been a fan since the Dig days. I saw you guys play (amazingly) at a dingy London, ON place called The Drink. Your music has helped me through lots of tough times.

    Now that you’re back, I’d like to help you in whatever way I can (***pro bono***). I’m an MBA, photographer, graphic designer, along with a few other hats I can wear. If there’s anything I can do to help, feel free to contact me.


    Hell IME fans let’s make it three weeks in a
    Row at number one its a great song from a
    Great band. Jag I hope we have a new song
    Soon so we can bug the radio people about
    IME IS BACK let’s keep it this way

  5. Bryn

    Heard WGTL this afternoon on The Zone FM in Victoria! I get chills everytime I hear it! Come to the West Coast!

  6. Mike Kendall

    I live just north of Peterborough (buckhorn to be exact) and on my way into work in Toronto the past week, I’ve heard the new track right around 5am every morning. Maybe they’re getting the point! Tell your mom she needs to crank the radio around then!

    On a more serious note, I’ve been playing BGO and the new song for all my friends lately to enlighten them with your awesomeness – None have been disappointed and I think a few minds were blown as well

    • Fiasco

      I few years back The Bear did a by donation request day for charity. I called in and requested the acoustic version of Levitate. The host had never heard the acoustic version, and it turned out they had it in the basement, so they played it. After the song, he praised it for 2 hosts break afterward! i have a feeling The Bear is a very supportive station.

  7. Matt

    After phone requests and and email to the music director I finally heard it here in Prince George BC (they might have played it anyway but I like to think the badgering helped) ….I was called into work, sitting in the car at 1am and there it was…shortened version (grr) but hey, its progress. Love to see this “crazy idea” working out so well! Now about you guys making it out West…………………

  8. Kevin

    Ive been a huge IME fan and even more so since Brian joined. Love the new song and can’t wait to hear next one. Just one question. On a scale of 1-17 what are the chances of you guys coming to Calgary?

  9. Derrick

    I’ve been sending in requests to The Wolf and I too never hear it. Thought I’d check the broadcast history thismorning (http://www.thewolf.ca/music/broadcasthistory.aspx) and I see:


    What… your Mom is not up at 5:00am to listen in? lol

    We all know the I.M.E train is gonna roll along with or without The Wolf being on board. Here’s to a third straight week!

  10. Ted Perrin

    Been politely pestering our local station here in NL for a while now. OZFM 94.7 were playing all modern rock the past couple of years but recently re-formatted back to the poppie radio crap they were playing before. They say they still play “rock” but I really haven’t heard much of it. Moslty Rhianna, Nikki wasserface and the other crowd to the point I can’t even listen to it. Kinda ironic that their slogan is “The Rock of the Rock” eh? I am holding out that they still have some rock left in them. Been requesting WGTL like mad just so it’s get on the air here in NL and people can hear what a good rock song sounds like! Unfortunately we don’t have any other stations playing rock besides Classic Rock. I will continue my assault and in the meantime am Googling “How to start your own rock radio station”. If only the FM transmitter for my ipod was a bit more powerful!!! Keep the tunes coming Jag and I’ll keep at them! Can’t stop singing WGTL!!
    You have lots of love out here regardless of the format of our “rock” station. Come on out and play a show……I guarantee you will fill the venue…….and if AC doesn’t fly your gear down again you can use my Strat (bucker in the bridge) lol!

  11. Harold COllins

    Update, just got an email back from k106.3, they’re adding WGTL into rotation this week!
    Come play Bayfest!

  12. Corey

    Getting played on CFOX 99.3 in Vancouver.

    Not only that, WGTL broke the Furious Five at Five tonight – number 3, just behind the Black Keys! (Top 5 requests of the day, played at 5pm)


    Thanks for responding to every ones post this is why
    We all love IME can’t wait to see you guys soon again
    I use to work for a company called north west I was a grad
    At a show for you guys I had to ask to work this show it was
    With 50 seconds to mars at the plaid royal I met you all
    Than. So when you guys where here in toronto just over a month
    Ago I went wasn’t working but you guys sounded fuckin
    Great love the new song keep doing show and new music
    Please also let brian know he sang the old songs fuckin
    Great as well if you have time hope you respond to me

  14. Harold Collins

    K106.3 in Sarnia hasn’t been playing it as far as I know. They play one more
    Astronaut a lot, but not the new stuff. One of the dj’s there is the singer in my band, and still no help. Please send them emails and requests. The dolts that inhabit Sarnia need to hear what real music is.
    Please help

  15. Steph P

    This is amazing and I expected no less from IME fans! Congrats you guys. Seriously, everything from the announcement, to the shows, to the reception of the song is so well-deserved and I’m glad you’re all feeling the love.

    • Jag Tanna

      Understand that there are djs there who are really good people and are definitely supportive, its just not their call to insert the song into the line up… Lets go easy on them, not their fault! That being said, Mom still eagerly awaits!

    • Grant McNeil

      I listen to live 88.5 quite a bit, and despite being in the list of radio stations that has picked the song up, I haven’t heard them play it. They just played “So Gently We Go,” though…

      I’m curious which radio station in Ottawa Brian interviewed with!

      • E

        I beleive it was live 88.5 with chelsea miller. And as for the bear, I always hear songs from s & f but very seldom hear anything else. I emailed them to request love.. Havnt heard it yet here in Ottawa on radio.. :(

  16. Clint

    Hitting up Atlanta radio. You just never know.

    I was at a Karnivool show at the Masq not long past and the sound guy spun Dig between sets. I was in Heaven. Literally. You know, since that’s what they call the upstairs part of the venue. :) Here’s hoping that the States get the love.

  17. tim

    You said it — “All it takes is a little effort and it really makes us want to get to that city and do something in return for them.” … You don’t have a game plan.
    Have you offered up any interviews or shows for the stations who aren’t playing your single? If you guys are from Peterborough and they aren’t playing your song, then it seems like you already know what to do.

    • Jag Tanna

      The game plan really is to just go where we are wanted. Ive been in it for long enough to have lost my appetite for begging… always felt dirty when forced to. We offer nothing to any radio station or television station unless they support us first. It’s not a power struggle, but think about it… It takes zero effort for a station to spin a song that their listeners want and actually benefits them to do so. For us to repeat the same tired process of ‘chasing radio’ is a total waste of time. It costs us a ton of money to play that game along side of the big boys, with no real guarantee of reciprocation… an insane business model. I would rather keep my integrity intact at this point vs. ever feeling the way we used to be made to feel. Btw: Peterborough at the moment, is just kind of funny to us and not a lost cause. It just points out how ridiculous things can be.

  18. Ryan

    Live 105 in Halifax has been awesome and playing “WGTL” all the time. They take requests via Twitter at 1:00pm (Atlantic time) weekdays and if you tweet them, they usually will play “WGTL”.


    However, Q104 still haven’t been playing it. I emailed their program director today and he confirmed they have the track but have yet to slot it in. Basically he said they have limited airtime and another track needs to get bumped for “WGTL” to be added. So that tells me we just need to request it more. They have a request phone number, but no email that I know of. However, here is their Twitter:


    Another local station, Big Dog 109.9 told me they would be adding “WGTL” into their playlist by end of week. I’ve been requesting it quite a bit, but it would help if some others did as well:


    They also take requests on their FB page (http://www.facebook.com/bigdogfanpage)weekdays from 4:30-5:00 (Atlantic Time) in the afternoon.

  19. Dan

    Jag see the first song kick ass I bet the second song will
    Be even better. I ask everyone in toronto to also bug the
    Edge to play it more not just at early morning time when
    Most of us sleep thanks to bookie at the edge good guy
    He will play it when you ask .Hell I even ask 97.7 to play it
    For me on the weekend a few times and they did

    • Jag Tanna

      Ha! Not bitchy so much as sarcastic and a mild tongue in cheek rant…. Trust me, if I was angry it would be so obvious and I would definitely be in trouble with somebody out there… Wouldn’t be pretty. (I officially know too much!) If you know me at all, you know that I find ridiculous things like my hometown ignoring us amusing more than anger inducing. I really get off on just telling it like it is and keeping the emotion out of it, it’s just matter of fact commentary. There aren’t many outside influences that can really put me off of my game. I mean, c’mon, I’m in a rock band… How bad can life be!

      • Phil Laffin

        I love that you address that comment. Bring him into the circle and give him a hug! Make Mike feel the love..
        Side note; Mike have you seen the rest of the internet? Even if Jag’s post wasn’t tongue in cheek, if THAT was the bitchiest post you’ve ever read you haven’t been on the interwebs that much…

        • Harold Collins

          ” I’mean c’mon, I’m in a Rock band… how bad can life be!”
          haha, i’m using that line…for everything!

  20. danny axel

    You guys are flat out inspiring! As an independent artist myself I know the struggle that goes into just keeping the family fed. I’ll be spreading “The Love” all over Brooklyn NYC.

  21. Mike Willemse

    DONE! I didn’t even make a call, just sent an email. I probably had nothing to do with it, but at least I got to share the news! “We Got The Love” is officially on The Wolf’s playlist…

    • Jag Tanna

      Playlist yes… But do they play their playlist? I’ll believe it when Mom calls me… only then. Thanks for sending them a note though Mikey! Appreciated.

    • Mikey WIllemse

      If Mom listens, she will call! Scott Haines used to play you guys all the time on “The Alternate Route”, so he’ll be all over new material from you guys. Brian Ellis is very supportive as well, and he’s a lifer at The Wolf, the only DJ who was there at the launch that’s still there. Like you said, it just makes sense for your hometown radio station to throw their support behind you because everyone wins.

  22. Scott

    If my radio station played new music, we’d be all over it. For now, I plan to work it into imaging for the station if possible.

    • Jag Tanna

      Then city council will charge us with causing a disturbance…. Lets do it! Actually we should organize and get a handful of people to do it, film it and post it. Find me 5-7 people and i’ll film it myself.

      • Steph P

        How far is Peterborough? I’ve been in Toronto too long, I have no idea where anything else is. 😉

      • mike dunham

        Hey jag im down for a little protesting to get good music on the air. Especially in a band’s home town. Fuck ilk even bring the kids with me.

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