WE GOT THE LOVE… Officially at radio starting today !!!

Well gang, this is it! Time to officially mobilize the IMEnation and get people playing this thing. We all know it belongs on the radio but as we may have now become a little too independent these days (without anybody pulling $tring$ behind the scenes) but it’s time to convince radio stations the old fashioned way…. POPULAR DEMAND !!! Now, of course we have been told and understand that unless we formally ‘service’ the song to each station, the song won’t get played or even looked at, even though WE GOT THE LOVE is tops in requests at a ton of stations. It’s something we’ve dealt with our whole careers..We’ve played this game before remember?

Now that it is officially being serviced, AND you guys continue to be relentless in your requests, there isn’t any excuse for it not to be played. So, let’s go for it and see what happens. If it doesn’t fly, then we all know that there are other forces at play… I mean, c’mon!

The List! (be polite with your requests, and if they play it, thank them!) So a big IMEnation reach out and around to the following!

Live 105 Halifax
Q-104 Halifax
C-103 Moncton
Big John Saint John
The Fox Fredericton
KYK Saguenay
98.1 Radio X Quebec City
CHOM Montreal
Capitale Rock Ottawa
Live 88.5 Ottawa
The Bear Ottawa
K-Rock Kingston
The Drive Kingston
The Wolf Peterborough
The Rock Toronto
The Edge Toronto
Y108 Hamilton
Rock 95 Barrie
HTZ FM St. Catharines
FM96 London
Q92 Sudbury
Power 97 Winnipeg
Rock 102 Saskatoon
The Wolf Regina
X92.9 Calgary
CJAY Calgary
Sonic Edmonton
The Bear Edmonton
Rock 106 Lethbridge
Power 104 Kelowna
CIFM Kamloops
The Fox Vancouver
The Zone Victoria
XM The Verge
Sirius the Iceberg

Now, please note that some of these stations have already come on board with us and we are eternally grateful, while others have been featuring it daily and are on the verge of adding it to their rotation if we all nudge a bit harder… but some won’t even touch it because it’s over 3 min long! No worries about that, we get it…. but lets really support the stations that get behind it and remind them that there are still a ton of real music fans out there.

Thanks to all… Now off wi’ ye! Go forth and spread the good word….and the Love



  1. Dave

    HTZ FM is all over the song! Regular play and #1 on the top 9@9 for a few weeks in a row now! They know this song rocks!

    • Jag Tanna

      HTZ have always given us tremendous support and because of that, and the unbelievable fan support there, we are planning something special for St. Catherines as well. Ideas are taking shape… We’ll keep you posted on it as we figure it out.

  2. E

    Just heard WGTL here in Ottawa on the bear and sure enough I switch to live 88.5 right after and it’s playing there too! This song is blowing up :) But I don’t think the guy on the bear knew what he was talking about. He said that IME is currently working on a new album and that there were rumors that they were coming to Ottawa’s Bluesfest but nothing was confirmed. Lol. Im pretty sure it’s confirmed.

  3. Donny

    I’ve been pushing for hearing We Got the Love on the EDGE 102.1 Toronto, and they responded saying that they can’t play it, because of some issue on your end.

  4. Melanie

    I don’t see any Newfie stations there.. But I have been emailing and tweeting like a mad woman to get you on air..

  5. Dan Campbell

    Hey Jag
    I called the edge today to request and was told maybe next week they would have it.I told them to get on it its a great song from a great band let know what you think

  6. Chris Mc.

    Jag, I’m glad you said reach out and around and not just reach around! What about stations not serviced? I am thinking 106.3 FM in Sarnia, 95.1 Canada’s Rock in Chatham, and 89x in Windsor/Detroit.

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