WE GOT THE LOVE……. Credits

We Got the Love … credits and such.

So, if you haven’t heard, we have this tune out there and I just want you to know all of the people involved in making it happen. First off, the fast credits.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by: Jag
Recorded at: DNA Recording (drums) and Wallis Heights (rest of song)
Mixed at: Wallis Heights
Drums engineered by Steve Chahley
Mastered by: Phil Demetro

So the big thank you goes to the gang at DNA. I feel like i’ve been recording here for ages and the Tedesco brothers, Chris and Dave have never let me down. They have accommodated me and all of my craziness for years and years whether recording known or unknown artists , or just me plain ‘ol fucking around. They have maintained the admirable directive of finding ways of helping new artists out, and bend over backwards for their other clients. If you are looking at doing anything, put these guys on your short list… you’ll see what i’m talking about.

Now for Steve Chahley. Steve is the house engineer there and I feel like i’ve known and worked him forever. Steve has the unenviable job of sitting with me on my DNA sessions and always has the nicest ways of pointing out the holes in my engineering game. I have always credited the engineers I worked with on the IME stuff as the ones who have “taught me everything I know” about engineering, actually, i’ve learned a ton if not more just working with Steve through the years. Incredibly good engineer, and an even better person. Can’t go wrong with this combo. With regards to We Got The Love, thanks for helping me out yet again… (wish we could have returned to finish it up!)

We mastered the song on incredibly short notice with an old friend at the Lacquer Channel Phil Demetro. I send everybody I can to see Phil with their projects because he has that unbeatable combination of really knowing his job, and being a great guy. Thanks for being there for us, and always going that extra step for all of my projects.

IME is pretty damn lucky to know all of you guys and owes many thanks for the help in getting our music back out there for our fans.



  1. Christopher

    What about the lyrics? Any chance you could post those as well so we can pick through Christian’s beautiful musings?…

    • Loren

      I’m not as fun to hear from as Jag, but the lyrics are actually available on their facebook page, posted March 22nd :)

      • Christopher

        That’s Loren! I had actually just gone through the pains of trying to transcribe them all myself. Noticeable mistakes include:

        (second chorus)
        You’re middle-aged
        Same as always

        I’ll give you my breath and know
        I’ll give you my every hole
        So don’t let me down


  2. German Gallardo

    Hey Jag and the rest IME. I was introduced to IME a while back by a friend. I’m a guitar player who is also doing the whole engineering, producing and mixing on his own project. Just wanted to take the chance to thank you for all the great music and the inspiration to keep on working. Loving the new track and I’ve always liked your guitar work, I’m sending you good vibes from Monterrey, Mexico. Keep the music coming!

  3. Duncan Smith

    Jag, thank you! Thanks to all the brothers in THE MOTHERS The concert was soo incredible and memorable, it was almost 10 years since I last saw you guys perform. Although I recieved a download for the song at the show, I was happy to be able to purchase the .wav. Expand the store, I would love to get another shirt, or perhaps a vinyl single….

    …thank you for my sonic birth 20 years ago… dont stop the music!

  4. Steve Chahley

    WOW……..thanks so much for that Jag, don’t know what to say…..it’s always been a huge pleasure working and hanging out with you – and I’ve learned loads from you as well man!!! It was and is a huge honour to be a part of We Got The Love – thanks so much to you guys for asking me/us to be a part of it! Means a lot!!

  5. Dan Campbell

    Hey Jag
    So the fans love we got the love is there another song or songs coming out from IME i would love to hear more new songs dude
    Second just wanted to say sorry i am pissed i will not be able to go to the london show i hope you guys rock it out and the fans treat you as good as the TORONTO FANS do because we love IME the best band EVER thanks IME for coming back

  6. Loren

    It’s been really interesting to see all of these “thank you”s. The list keeps growing longer and longer and it really gives me, the listener, an eye opener about how many people beyond the bandmates are involved in making things happen. The boys get all the fame (tongue in cheek!) but plenty of people ordinarily go unnoticed. Thanks for making us notice them! :)

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