Hay-soos-kreest! Last but not leest!

Holy crap! I forgot a few very obvious people to thank!

So they get their own page…..

Ok… One person who has been with us longer than we can even remember and who you all know is our beloved friend and percussionist Daniel Mansilla! How could I forget to thank him! (i’m such a tool!). Do you know how hard it is to find a percussionist that loves to rock? Virtually impossible! Daniel is more rock than we are actually … known for his late night shenanigans on tour blasting Humble Pie and Hendrix down hotel hallways, helping bus drivers stay awake throughout the night on long drives, and of course making kick ass sandwiches and soup for everybody if they “look hungry”… Thanks for sticking with us all these years and not changing one bit. It’s always been 5 brothers after all … (if we owned the rights to the fucking song, yes we’d change it!) Glad you’re with us, and so are the fans!

You might have also noticed a strange floating head behind my cabs during the shows. That was a friend playing keys by the name of Fatty Collins. Yes he’s so cool he’s even rocking the ‘F’ instead of the ‘Ph’. Matty D from Dodger hooked me up with Fatty and I thought it was a sign and totally weird that he actually lives just up the street from me! Who knew!? Funny, you might remember him from Canadian Idol as he made it quite far… Only to be told he actually needed to be ‘Ph’ instead of ‘F’. He actually said “I’m Fatty Collins… go phuck yourselves!” and kicked Zach Werner in the shins. God bless him. Thanks for digging in on these tunes and being there for all of the rehearsals. Sorry your keys were blowing up on you the second night but you still made it through in style, head still bobbin’ and weavin’ … I’m also sorry for glaring at you all week, it’s just my thing. Evil Jiggs is sorry too. Let’s do it again soon shall we?

There you have it folks. Keep these boys in mind as we move along. They are an important part of pushing and polishing this big musical uh…. thing, out to you live. (Yes, I almost said turd, but thought better of it…. Wow, I really HAVE grown!)



  1. Hilary K

    Yeah Daniel Is pretty funny, we were at the George Street Fest in 2003, myself and a few friends were hangin out with Chris, Bruce, Daniel and Bruce jr there and Daniel kept calling my cousin his pretty princess… too funny.. good times.. can’t wait to see IME back on the rock.. We miss you guys here so much!!

  2. Clint

    Aside from his much appreciated percussion skills, I remember him for his duffel bag of beers that he brought into the bar and shared. I don’t recall much of our conversation since it was so long ago and I was surely buzzed, but good times were surely had.

  3. Adam

    The percussion is one of the things that makes I Mother Earth’s live show very exciting and fun. Thank you Daniel!! x 100 to the power of 10

    Also, I look forward to seeing IME with keys? Wow, that’s different.

  4. Dan Campbell

    IME is the best band and once again thanks
    To everyone that had a hand getting them
    Back. I was getting sick of the music out there
    So thanks IME for being back and I hope you
    Stay around this time more shows and music
    The fans want it. Hope you are playing in toronto
    This summer again I will be there for sure

  5. Scott

    Just bought tix for the Rock the Park show as it say’s on their site you guys are playing! Hope this is the case, flying there from Vancouver!!! Look forward to it, have not seen IME before. So glad Brian is on vocals and wore the shit out of your last two albums so absolutely stoked to finally see the best fricken band Canada has to offer and hopefully we will get to hear a new, full album soon!!!

  6. Harold from TO

    Daniel is the best percussionist I’ve ever heard!

    Haven’t seen Daniel in 13 years, give him my best when you see him again, and looking forward to seeing all of you in Vancouver!

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