The Freaking Song and Plan A

First off, thanks so much for helping us create an awesome event for the psuedo release of The Devil’s Engine at the Phoenix. Totally surpassed all expectations and left the industry scratching their collective heads. The vibe in the room was amazing, and we really felt inspired from all of the well wishes online. Even if you were in Halifax or Vancouver, we felt you guys in the room. Overall, a perfect night.

Secondly, we have laid out the basic concept to all of you with timelines and we feel somewhat relieved that it’s finally out of our hands and into yours. That being said, we hope iTunes allows this sucker to be available with the timelines we have stated. They just don’t make any promises to have your music available when you request, and I sometimes feel there’s slightly (a lot) less priority on independent artists, so we’ll see how it all plays out. I feel fairly confident that we’ll be okay but you never know. There was already a problem with the pre-release at the wrong price, and I have been corresponding through ‘support’ to make sure it’s as requested. We shall soon see… If it’s fucked up, blame them. Easy enough. At the very least, I just hope it shows up today.

So, let’s talk about the ‘pre-release’. There is no real outrageous benefit to do this for a single as what can we really do? Make it available for a penny less? The main reason we are doing this, is to give the song an early presence, get people talking, and make radio folks start noticing this tune in advance of the song being sent to them. It’s a little bit of a game at this stage and we need your help.

As an independent in the truest sense (not the kind of ‘independent’ label that sees hundreds of thousands of $$ in government grants, shady FACTOR funds, major label backing etc.), we need to exercise as many ideas for self promotion as possible, and getting this song into the industry conciousness as soon as possible. It really is the best plan. I mean, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at access to any of the above, less the shady part, but it’s tough.

If we make a splash early in the game, even before we are out of the official gate, it can only help. If we are to get to every corner of Canada this year, we need to utilize every resource we have to do it. A silly thing like a pre-sale may seem pointless to you, but it helps us a lot.

We are definitely out to prove a point with this song. Once again, it’s long, with many moving parts and yes, even a guitar solo, so what are the realistic possibilities for it? We want to prove that a band can create what it wants and have measurable success on their own terms. We all did it with We Got The Love and I know we can do it again. It’s never about money, as it’s next to impossible to make money directly from sales unless you’re huge, but it does help to show that we belong beside any major act, and deserve the same privelege to succeed as they do. The difference being that we will hustle our asses off for it. We really enjoy the chance to inspire other bands in a similar situation to hustle alongside us and hopefully pave a path for others. That’s what it’s all about.

We will be posting links and numbers for every fucking station that you listen to so stay tuned for that. WGTL was one of the most requested songs across Canada believe it or not (including US artists) and we got so many emails from friends at stations saying ‘holy shit, how did this happen?’. It’s no secret. Good music and good fans, both with purpose, are a wonderfully dangerous and effective thing. They talk about our fans just as much as they talk about us. It’s amazing.

This week is really playing on my nerves, as it once again offers so much promise while at the same time exposes us to potential craziness. Time will tell I know, but I can only punch the cat in the face and kick the bunnies in the yard for so long before i start feeling bad. Going crazy ovah heah!

iTunes is calling the shots currently and I hate it. They owe me a new cat.

Hang tight and let’s see what the day brings. (I’ve been harassing everybody all morning!)

Ama a tu Mamá….



  1. Keni

    Wow!! New IME is fantastic!! Been a HUGE fan since DIG and of course every album ince! I promote the hell out of you in the U.S. with friends and associates every time i’m there! IME has been influential in my drumming since the mid-90’s and have jammed to your songs in drumming circles and bar-bands for over 20-yrs now. I see IME is playing the Rainmaker in St. Albert, AB, this coming May 23rd. Ticket bought and cannot wait! Conga Drum in trunk and would be a “Bucket List” lifetime moment with your permission of course, be invited on-stage to jam along to ANY SONG!! Thanks for your incredible music throughout the years and many, many more!! True Fan Keni “Sled Dog” Harvey CHEERS!

  2. Will

    Please consider joining Pledge Music in the future, and put together an EP of all these singles so that we non-digital folks can add them to our collection. Vinyl is great too.
    Its a great way to let the fans help fund a release and gives them some cool extras.

    All the best

  3. Stan

    Been a fan of this band since Rain Will Fall. So happy to see the wheels turning again. My pre-order of The Devils Engine downloaded last night and I am listening to it this morning, yeah I am old fashioned and tend to avoid streaming…I want to own my tracks. OH MY GOD…this song is amazing. Jag – you guys have not lost a beat. Your music has always had a special place in my life…don’t stop!

  4. Doreen

    Thank you for the amazing evening at The Phoenix !!! It was a huge honour to take part in previewing The Devil’s Engine ! A kickass song that leaves one wanting more ! :) The acoustic jam was simply incredible ! If the Nation works as hard at this as you guys do, you’ll be cuddling cats and bunnies before ya know it !
    Will do all I can to spread the word and open some ears ! Cheers \m/

  5. Jean-Denis

    It sucks for you to be at the mercy of itunes, I would happily pay for a download from a secure website. (would even pay extra for an HD file! (hdtracks dot com)). Also, put swag on pre-order and I’m in!

    The band sounds amazing and the song is great! Im stoked about IME making a return!


  6. Cutch

    Is there going to be a FLAC or WAV version for those of us interested in higher quality? I tend not to buy iTunes tracks if possible because they are only 256kbps and prefer to get at least 320kbps.

  7. craig

    I cant wait gents..!!! Very stoked indeed…its been awhile since last post on here but ive done my pre-order so now its just the waiting…heres wishing you a good experience with this that might bear future fruit!! I read an online article recently about a q&a you all did so im not saying “you gotta do this or that” but speaking for many i will purchase it ..thanks IME collective!! P.S. wondering if the shirts/shop are still being considered….sayonaras all…

  8. Stu

    I cannot wait for this. I was so excited when I found out that WGTL was released, albeit a few months late! IME has been my fav band since I was a teen (20+ years ago…ugh, I feel old) and to hear that they were once again releasing a tune was beyond amazing. Now to hear that you are releasing another and maybe more? Truly awesome!

  9. Mike D

    I have purchased The Devil’s Engine from iTunes. Can’t wait for it to be released! While I was at it, I bought We Got The Love from iTunes even though I had bought it from the IME website when it first came out. I figure another 99 cents towards a great Canadian independent band is well worth it. I’ve also sent a text to my friends telling them to support IME and buy The Devil’s Engine.

  10. Simon

    Have you thought about using bandcamp to get your material out there? You set the price and pretty much every other parameter. Pretty easy to do and it’s fairly popular.

  11. greentreee

    Nice. already pre-ordered and paid for WGTL (a youtube audio hijack was all I had). You’ll have to blame a recently shaved headed, tattooed poet swords man, who mysteriously went dark on the net, or i’d probably not even had thought of stopping in. Can hardly wait now.

  12. jay

    Hey man. I’m dieing to hear the new single, and will make sure the local radio station is made aware of it. Hope to see you guys gigging in western canada soon. I need to catch a full ime show!

  13. Jason Melanson

    You guys are so underrated! All fans are super happy new content is coming out. You’re getting a lot of new fans along the way. Be sure to come in the Moncton area when you tour. Full house no doubt! I’ll help spread the good word!

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