It’s official….It’s a sellout!! ….

To the IMEnation… Just thought that we would share this with you first… On Saturday, within the first 5 hours of the public on sale, the show was officially sold out!

All we can say is “wow” …. Did NOT see that coming. We went into this just hoping to have a bit of fun reconnecting with each other, and to perhaps get a chance to play for some fans who have kept us in mind for the past 8 years. This has left us completely in shock and incredibly humbled.

The outpouring of support from fans across the country, even from the people who obviously can’t make it, has been nothing short of amazing. A lot of “thank yous” are in order and if you know us at all, you know we’ll find a great way to show our appreciation. Special thanks again to the Edge 102.1 and Live Nation for being the perfect partners and believing that this was at all possible in the first place.

The fact that together we have achieved this in a somewhat unconventional way really speaks to the type of fans that we have. I hope you realize how special this is to us. We have now officially become a band “for the people, by the people”… It will definitely be a night to remember.

The question now becomes: What do we do next?


  1. Milhouse

    Well, it came and it went.

    It was an amazing experience for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Jag, Chris, Bryan and Bruce. You have no idea how much your music has touched me throughout the years and it was an honour to experience it once again.

    It was especially cool to be able to share your music with some cohorts who are just barely drinking age. The looks on their faces midway through the show was worth the price of admission alone.

    I think they thought I was over selling how gifted you all are as performers and musicians. They definitely do not feel that way anymore.

    Having said all this, if you make me wait another 8 years for the next IME show, there will be hell to pay!!

    Best of luck and keep on rocking in the free world.

    PS: Bryan, I’m the fine gentleman who informed you that you ruled after the opening song and you said you’d buy me a beer after the show. That is a raincheck I hope to keep!

  2. Milhouse

    Less than a week to go! I have been revisiting the IME catalogue the past week and it has become evident that Quicksilver Meat Dream is a masterpiece! I cannot believe that I have neglected this record over the past decade (my bad! sorry guys). I know it is probably not feasible at this point, but I would love to hear that record in its entirity!

    Can’t wait, boys! Hope rehearsal is going well! See you on Friday!

  3. Danny

    Ohhh! I know what you should do now! Start practicing some old songs off Dig and Scenery and Fish! I bet your new stuff is going to be amazing but I love old IME too. Can’t wait for the show!!

      • Zack Labine

        Jag Tanna, you are my musical hero, though I am sure you are wincing after reading that. I agree, I love the first two albums, but I think tqmd is the most interesting, original, and catchy album of my lifetime. The sounds that you make on that album are out of this galaxy, and most amazingly are very musical and suited to the songs. BGO holds a special place in my heart it brought me back to IME 7 years after I had forgotten about you guys. I thought you guys would never make more music thank you for deciding to make more. Zl

  4. Jim

    I’ve got a big smile knowing that IME is back! I’ve been a fan since I saw the video for Levitate on MuchMusic (dragged from the skies to north-central Pennsylvania on my c-band dish)–your music is a great companion to bands I listen to like King Crimson and Rush, but still a unique sound. Sure wish I could make the show, but I’ll be very much looking forward to hearing new music!

  5. Missmimi

    Well I just bought another ticket through Rogers Wireless Box Office which is still selling tickets to Rogers customers. I sure hope these tickets are good and not a mistake on Rogers part!

    • Jag Tanna

      Not a mistake. Sometimes there are always a small handful of tickets out there but are hard to find. These small amounts get promised to companies for small promotions, or sometimes a small record shop might get some etc. Its never a lot of tickets but they are indeed good! See you at the show!

  6. Corey

    Vancouver! Vancouver!

    I was out of the country during the last tour, and continually kick my own ass that I never got to see TQMD songs live.

    A show at the Commodore or Orpheum would go a long ways to setting things right with the world!

  7. Big C

    I would love to see some Bluegreenorange and QSMD videos and also some new /unrelease songs to be available through iTunes myself. Let the fans support the band through iTunes and other ways as well. Looks like a perfect time to update your profile on Maple music as well!!! Good luck!!!

  8. notquitesonic

    I think you guys should follow what Pearl Jam and so many others started doing, live from the board show recordings available for sale… what IME wouldnt spend a few bucks on that?

  9. Regolith

    Wow, i knew IME had dedicated fans, but after 8 years of hiatus to sell out the presale in 30 min, and the entire thing within 5 hours is huge! Makes me proud to be one of those fans…. congrats!

  10. Tomato Fettuccini

    Jag, Christian, Bruce and Brian, you have no idea how happy this makes me.

    I’ve been listening to you since Scenery and Fish (a friend put me onto Dig after the fact) and I have to say that you are the BEST band that came out of Canada in the 90’s (and Hamilton to boot! Sorry Tea Party!).

    I still listen to every single album (I have all four). I have said, time and again, that were I to be stranded on a desert island for the rest of my life and could only take 10 albums with me, Dig would be one of them, right next to Wish You Were Here and Led Zeppelin IV

    Please, please please put out a new album, begin a new tour, reconnect with your fans (which, believe it or not, consist of a large portion of people currently in their 20’s).

    Welcome back, and I hope to see you when you make your new tour!

    • Adam Swanson

      Awesome news and congrats! You guys have timeless relevant music that connected with a lot of people. This isn’t really a surprise to us that it sold out though. I really really wish I could make it up there for the gig.

      Cheers! And I hope you can get to a point to do a show in or near NYC (-;

  11. Desiree

    So Glad it sold out! Congrats! Now immediately make plans to play in Vancouver so I can drag my ten year old to the set and see the reason she was born. And so she can embarrassingly watch her parents rock out.

  12. Gonzo

    Way to go IME… We all new this would sell out.. I am a promoter in the Niagara area willing and able to have you perform for me in lovely St.catharines. Thats what you should do next.. I am willing and e-mail will come soon…

    Niagara wants YOU!!!

  13. Dan

    New album please! More shows please!

    So awesome to hear that you guys are playing again and would love to see you live again. Last saw you at Big Bucks Mountain Lodge in St. Catharines just before TQMD came out! Have never stopped listening to the old albums and just had a conversation with my brother and some friends recently about how absurd it was that TQMD was not more successful. Anyway best of luck, this is great news!

  14. Marc

    Not at all surprised by the sellout. Offer something good and rock fans will show up in droves. I know you’ll offer a terrific show… There’s a huge void out there for IME’s brand of music right now! Looking forward to whatever comes next.

  15. Sebastien

    Great news ! Now if only this can make you understand how much the rock music world has been missing a band like yours, maybe, maybe there will be justice on this world and you’ll get to record and tour again :)

    You have fans in France and even you play some festivals anywhere in Europe, we’ll get out to see you play.

    The Quicksilver Meat Dream came out in 2003 but it’s still one the best albums of the whole decade. A incredible body of work and out-of-this-world production by David Bottrill. I can’t wait for the new chapter !

  16. T

    well that’s obvious…. have another show for those of us not fortunate enough to get a ticket to the first show 😉

    • T

      I would love to get that ticket. I tried getting a ticket through the pre-sale, sold out. I tried getting a ticket on Saturday after working all day, sold out. :( I have yet to see an IME show would greatly appreciate that ticket. (without it costing and arm and a leg, because I have none to spare) 😉

      • Sules

        I’m sorry I posted that now! my husband has claimed the ticket but if I hear of any extras I’ll be back to let you know

  17. Dave

    Hi Jag. Any chance of a video feed from the Sound Academy show? Not trying to make the show less special for folks that have forked out for a ticket……more trying to avoid the airfare from London, UK.

    • Tim

      I second this – Set something up on for all of us other diehards that couldn’t make the trip or get tickets!! One of my other fave bands is HUM, who played a reunion show back in September in Texas with an unedited live feed of their entire set.. It was amazing to be there with everyone LIVE, even if in my own livingroom. It meant so much to this long-time fan. JUST THROWING IT OUT THERE! lol. Congrats guys!!! Here’s hoping this continues to be the restart of something beautiful!

    • Maya E

      Please do this!!!! I seriously can’t believe I am missing this show and to watch it online would somewhat “lessen” the pain

  18. Riley K

    Make it to the show and then we’ll talk what’s next!

    Congrats, though. And modesty aside, you shouldn’t be surprised. I haven’t met a bigger music fan than a devoted IME fan

  19. Andrew Forbell

    Congratulations to you all, gents.

    Looking forward to having my face rawked off.

    Just one new tune before March 23rd. JUST…..ONE.

  20. Amy

    Next : a full Canadian Tour , that would rock. Also, some merchandise I am in need of a new IME guys rock!

  21. Will

    Congratulations Guys!! Happy for you.
    Whats next you say? I have an idea … New full length algum, or 5 song ep would be cool too.

  22. Undsuns

    Congratulations on the sellout!

    You never expected it that quickly? When you are as good a band as you are, I’m amazed it didn’t happen quicker.

    Next step? I never saw you perform live, and someday I would like too. As would a lot of people.

  23. Monikkr_M

    You’re surprised by this? I’m surprised it took so long! :) The IME Legion is re-born and it will grow… You have more loyal fans than you could possibly dream of. :) I just wish I was there playing right along side you! :)


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