I’m going to publish a recording diary soon for the new music. As we make songs available, you’ll have a chance to see into the process of writing and recording each song with us. Could be informative, or a complete bore. No promises!



  1. Matt

    Can’t wait, thanks! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again after watching all those videos, you guys in top fuckin form!

  2. Matt

    Seeing as how the man himself is busy dealing with download issues I’ll leave him alone for a while…so anyone at the show catch a glimpse of “the rig?” I watched all the video on the tube and couldn’t get enough intel from them :) I know my brother would in interested in Bruce’s setup as well… if anyone could enlighten I would be most appreciative.

  3. Matt

    The shows are fast approaching and I remember SOMEONE promising us some gear updates……..hows the search going Jag? Pull the trigger on anything yet?

    • Jag Tanna

      Getting close to knowing what im going to do the show with. This is a big week for that. It may not be my final rig moving forward but i hope it kicks ass for those nights. Loud and smooth. Im working on a few ideas to help facilitate presenting all of this music as accurately as possible but its tough… Trying to do that AND record is a real bummer….

  4. Darren Edwards

    Hey guys. Great to hear you are back together. I remember Jag coming into Cheapies Records on Yonge when I was working with Christian there. I hope to get out to one of your shows ASAP. \m/

  5. Kent Hammond

    Hey Jag,
    If Brian doesn’t write the lyrics, does he decide on the melody or is that already laid out? If the lyrics come first, the real trick would be fitting them into the puzzle that is the song.

    • Jag Tanna

      Hi kent. We just go at it like always. I write the melody, chris writes the lyrics. Theres not a set rule to it, its just how its always been…. Its actually harder the way we do it because chris has to write his words based around my really crappy singing voice doing la las… I have no idea how he maintains his own sense of ‘art’ with me painting him into corners like that…. It impresses me…. Dont tell him i said that.

    • Jag Tanna

      Things are fine i guess. I wasn’t kidding though when I said I sliced my finger open. Going to take it for a test run tomorrow with my brother and brian rehearsing. hope it doesn’t open up again… i can only put so much glue in there!!

      • Andrew Forbell

        Hope the finger cooperates.

        Please keep us in the loop. Snippets of you guys rehearsing / recording would be very much appreciated!

    • Jag Tanna

      The possibilities are pretty endless. As long as we are having fun as a band, i would just like to keep releasing things indefinitely…. Every song has the potential to be completely different and unrelated to each other. If we happen to release a song that isnt “up your alley”, just wait for the next…. Making a full album limits you to one basic theme that represents your sound at one very small moment of your career. I just dont care for that anymore. Whatever pops out, and whenever it happens, will be the new theme.

  6. Matt

    Hey Jag I have to ask, how do you think your work as a producer during the hiatus will affect the recording process this time? I imagine you must already have some ideas about how you guys will approach it…you cool with letting us in? If so we want details man (really get in there)…all gearheads and amateur recording artists will be hanging on your every word I’m sure!


    • Jag Tanna

      This is actually a deeper question than you might think! Something ive analyzed over and over…. Ill keep it short!

      The biggest factor in my “growth” in my view was producing/enginnering IME. I was just thinking about it, and realized there has never been a single note recorded without me somehow connected/judging it. Thats not a brag at all btw, just an observation, so while there is the odd pat on the back for it, i also accept absolute and total blame! Producing/engineering other things was definitely fun at times and all but there were only a few that actually helped me in some way to grow. Most of all it just made me miss my guys. One thing i did realize was that i needed to add the term “patience” to the ol’ toolbox. Never had to think about that with IME although i should have. That will definitely translate with the fellas…. A whole new “me”!!!

      No direction on new songs. They will just come out how they present themselves. Very different song to song. First couple will almost be like IME just waking up. Fans will basically be able to hear us develop along the way and the ideas will just keep expanding in different directions. On the production front, im just going where the song wants to go. We arent making something that can be bundled together in a neat little package and say, “this is our new direction”. Fuck that… I love new directions but sometimes its a blast to reconnect with your roots too. So a vancrimsonrushtana vibe it will be…

      • Matt

        Haha love it man….makes me feel better about the jaginchainsslashpaisley thing that happens when I play sometimes. Thanks for the answers man, the interaction from you guys is one of the things I missed most about the hiatus (at least you still popped up in gear forums from time to time)

  7. Mike D

    Thank God and the baby Jesus!! For the past 8 years I’ve been trying to explain to my girlfriend the live IME experience and now finally she will be able to experience it for herself…we just have to avoid a break-up until Mar. 23rd. Not to disrespect other musicians, but it’s been borderline torture listening to the radio over the past several years…I’ve been forced to turn almost exclusively to satellite radio and the net to find decent music. Those of us that listen thoughtfully to a song or follow a TALENTED band are usually the ones most tortured. We don’t have the luxury of hearing the beautiful and amazing variety of notes, beats, and lyrics regularly on the radio, in clubs, or pubs. It is refreshing to know that there is still at least a few bands out there that will put everything they’ve got into each and every song without a care for the pressure of the mindless masses. Thank you IME for being one of those bands! I can’t wait to see you live and to hear your new stuff.

  8. Kent

    Hey Jag,

    Glad to hear you guys are getting back on the horse. You were my inspiration when I was younger. Instead of a mediocre bass player I’m now a mediocre guitar player, thanks to a wicked solo you had at the Warehouse (Kool Haus) a dozen years ago or so.
    Looking forward to hearing the evolution as well. To me that’s the most important part of writing music. Glad you’re having fun.
    See you in March

  9. Alfredo

    Hey Jag,

    I was very happy to hear you guys will be performing once again. The music, band, and your guitar playing have been an inspiration throughout the years. I have been a huge fan since the Scenery & Fish days, and hope you guys make the record you always wanted to make.
    It’s also cool that you are writing a blog, ’cause I always thought IME to be quite mysterious! haha Anyways, cheers and best of luck to you and the band!

  10. Matt

    Hey Jag, with no new record happening, at least in the traditional sense, will that make setting up a tour (hey I know its early for all this tour talk, but I gotta keep hope alive, man :) more or less complicated?

    • Jag Tanna

      The idea of playing is less complicated i think, because we’re not obligated to actually tour in the traditional sense. If we were actually going to do more shows, we can pick and choose what to do to make it the coolest situation possible for us and for fans, and just focus on doing it right. When you are supporting a record, you sometimes can end up playing in a situation you didnt intend just because it fits into the routing of a cross country tour, or it was the only date available in that city. Having control over it can only be good for the fans in the end as a bit more thought can be put into it, and the right situation can then be put together. March 23rd first!

      • Matt

        Good to hear…its nice to know the “biz” can’t mess with you guys this time around. If I wasn’t on the other side of the country I’d be there March 23rd! I have no doubt that should you guys plan future shows that fans will be out in force where ever you decide to play….I know I would (WILL) travel to as many western shows as possible. For now I am comforted knowing there will be Iphones there on March 23. Thanks for the continuation of IME.

        • Jag Tanna

          Ha! Actually the ‘biz’ didnt really mess with our music… We always had good people to work with from labels who for the most part left us alone. Its more about having to answer for what youve created to people outside of that immediate zone. Time consuming and emotionally taxing, but part of the game for all bands. We were no different. For better or worse, its just a new game now isnt it?

  11. Luke

    Any chance the new record (or music) will feature Bruce rocking some blueman group pcb intruments? Hell maybe he could convince a couple of them to tour with you. That would be badass!

    • Jag Tanna

      Still figure out exactly what everybody’s new skillsets consist of! I was wondering the same thing actually, but i wasnt planning on going there until we get back playing together…. New sounds are always welcome, as well as some old ones.

  12. JimmyK

    Great that u guys are doing this n im very sure ur fans will not let u down…we promise to make u wanna record more music n play alot more live shows…

  13. Foam Finger Bass Man

    Jag, can’t wait to see you guys live!! Already booked the time off…. Tell Chris I’ll be the guy yelling “needs more cowbell!”

  14. Will B

    PS … just ordered my tickets for the show. Making the trip from Ottawa to see it. Thank you IME for getting me a weekend away retreat.

  15. Will B

    I must admit, ive been waiting since 2004 for new IME. But I have to say I like to hold a full length Album/CD in my hands. Its much more special than a digital download/MP3. Just saying! So when might we get a sneak peek at new material? Cheers guys. IME rocks

  16. Mitch

    I was at the great last show in Barrie, and if i remember correctly it was filmed and supposed to be released. Is there any chance of that happening?


  17. Michael Marucci

    This excites me! I’ve always loved your music as a musician, but now as a producer/engineer I’m even more anxious.

    I came to adore TQMD for your work with Bottrill, where are you recording the new tunes? A particular studio? A particular space?

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