The Hiatus…

It was a really strange night.  The gig was awesome, and about as perfect as any band could ever hope for.  The venue was incredible, the fans were exactly as they have always been, and we played about as tightly as we are capable of playing.  Knowing it was the last one added something different into the mix.  The circumstances of the gig could easily have led to either a weird, sad, or an overall uncomfortable night, but once again our fans lifted us up, and it turned into this wonderfully private celebration between us and them.  By the time we got to the encores it was really settling in that this could very well be the last time we were together.  Afterwards, the dressing room was eerily quiet and heavy with emotion.  Definitely not normal…. we hugged one another and it was done.

The idea of actually taking a break really seemed to come from out of nowhere, it just sort of happened, and happened fast.  Although I have to admit that the seeds of our own personal discontent had probably been a long time in the making.  We had been going at it hard since 1989 and actually were a little burnt out as a band, and our friendship was being tested as a result.  So we didn’t announce a break up or anything, just a ‘last show’, and that we are taking time to really gain some much needed perspective on IME as a concept, and more importantly, our friendship.  Too many outside forces had tarnished both, and we thought it best just to step away from everything before our fans felt any negativity, even if it meant sacrificing all that we had achieved.

Maybe more bands should do this.  Slugging it out for no reason other than to make a buck is probably the most dishonest you can ever be to yourself as a musician, and is actually a blatant lie to a fan.  IME was never about that and we were smart enough to not let it happen.

Where the hell did we go?

I guess when you announce these kinds of things, you’re very much thinking in the now vs. “what the hell am I going to do tomorrow?”  Luckily, we were all smart enough to develop skills in other areas of interest while in IME.  I actually stopped playing guitar for 2-3 years, and felt that until I had something more to say with it, I wouldn’t touch it.  I did keep one on a stand in the corner for years and just stared at it.  Although I kept producing, engineering, etc., I think that grew kind of old after working with too many dumbasses that just didn’t get it, so I decided to tone it way down and focus only on things I felt emotionally attached to.  Now it wasn’t all bad mind you… some real gems in there too!  I also started my content company Segment X which has proven to be where I currently feel the most artistic satisfaction and excitement.  (More on this soon, big things a comin’ on that front which you will love!)

I’ll get the guys to contribute their thoughts on the past 8 years in future blogs as well as their thoughts on other things, but in a nutshell:  Chris became an agent, a talent buyer and is now GM of a kick ass venue.  Brian embarked on a fruitful solo career doing the alt-country thing (rather well too, go find those records!) all the while doing his tattoo apprenticeship, and opened a couple shops.  Bruce joined in with the Blue Man Group and plays a million different instruments for them down in the Orlando, Florida production.  He can really make that zither wail!

Needless to say, there’s a LOT going on.


Overall, there wasn’t this yearning to reconnect as we had all things on the go, as well as all being busy taking care of and enjoying our expanding families.  Kids have a way of lulling you into this weird kind of contentment and the next thing you know, 8 years have passed and I’ve forgotten how to play Summertime in the Void!  While Chris and I have obviously been in touch (hard to escape him at thanksgiving dinner!), I hadn’t spoken to Brian or Bruce since the last gig!  Some circumstances changed that allowed me to talk on the phone with Brian on a semi-regular basis while he was out west tattooing, and I realized that we are still the same idiots we always were and nothing had really changed.  It was as simple as that, friendship resumed.

It wasn’t until many months later that we actually started talking about music.  The discussion wasn’t about reviving the past, recording, or playing shows as much as musically reconnecting, hanging out and making a racket!  It’s an easy thing to miss, as our “racket” was at least always challenging and interesting.  It was kind of hilarious that I hadn’t plugged into an amp for all these years, and Chris didn’t even have a kit!  We eventually got it sorted out and gave it a go, and I would say that within a couple of jams we had outlines of some good songs and started talking about some possibilities moving ahead.  Brian had moved into our neck of the woods from out west and being back together as friends felt surprisingly natural.  There is a reason we were all placed together in the first place.  The writing was on the wall… it was fun again.

Now the missing piece of the puzzle was obviously Bruce.  He had moved down to Florida, with a great gig going and a new family.  He was also very far removed from all of the good vibes we have received from fans over the years, or even knowing about radio stations across the country still playing our music. We were guessing that IME was about the furthest thing from his mind.  After reaching out, we were surprised to find that he was really open to finding a way to make something happen.  We still weren’t thinking live at this point, just to try writing a bit to see if we all still enjoy it.  So far so good….

The Re-Onion

Now the idea of the ‘reunion’ has always put me off a bit.  Even just hearing the word makes me heave a little.  I guess after being in the game for so long it’s easy for me to smell the proverbial rat.  The story goes:  band ends up despising one another and calls it quits; band gets back together because there is money to be made and egos to be fed; and, band tours country travelling separately, with separate dressing rooms, putting on miserable shows, and raking in the dough.  Smells like onions to me.

That’s just the way it usually is, sorry to say, but it’s definitely not the way it has to be.  I think getting back together has to happen naturally and as long as it feels good, and you feel that you still have something to add to the musical landscape, you keep going.  That’s pretty simple right?  This is the mandate since ending our ‘hiatus’.  First we reconnect as friends, then explore writing, and if we are still having fun, we play live.  There is no other reason to be back at it if it isn’t fulfilling.  Whatever happens beyond what we can immediately control isn’t up to us, and has no bearing on what we do next.  As long as we do this for the right reason, and stay honest to fans and to ourselves, count me in.  The minute it changes, I’m out, I think the fellas feel the same.  So a reunion it isn’t, a continuation, it is (that’s deep, especially if you say it in a Yoda voice!).

What happens now?

We have no idea.  We keep writing music, have been recording, have a show planned… and that’s all it needs to be for now, right?  We’ll see how it goes and plan for the future, it’s a huge first step for us.  I think we’ve found some interesting ways to give people what they want, without disrupting the lives we enjoy outside of IME.  It helps that we have no obligations on the business side of things to do the usual, you know: make record, make people understand record, make video, tour in support of record, try not to piss people off, etc.  “Having” to do anything kind of takes the shine off of living, especially for a musician!  Best of all, we don’t really need to measure our own success anymore, or even care about it.  There are no benchmarks or standards set for what we are about to do.  Outside of our fans sharing our excitement, and us just having fun, what else are we supposed to care about?  Am I missing something?

The single most important thing we need to do is rekindle the relationship we’ve always enjoyed with our fans, and with each other, and if everyone is still interested, we’ll continue….  Want more songs?  Want more shows?  All it takes is a little faith and commitment between us all and if we can do that, we’ll be around… if not, we’ll exit as gracefully as we did before.

Did I mention that the new tunes ROCK!!!??




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  2. Rob Swiers

    I couldn’t believe it when I spun back around to the IME page and was greeted with a new song to download. I’ve had your CDs in constant rotation ever since Scenery and Fish came out. I even crashed my high school graduation with a carefully placed, high power car audio system that played “One More Astronaut.”

    I’m with Joel! I’m sure the fans will do whatever is needed to get more IME. And if you ever get the urge to come to Northern Cali, we’ll pot you up!


  3. Joel

    Hi there you sons of bitches! I LOVE you guys! I’m so stoked to find that you are back at it! I wrote a letter and sent it to one of your business email addresses that I discovered about a year ago and never got a response, so I’m going to post it here if that’s ok, but first I want to say after reading all the comments from the folks in Canada that love and respect you guys, I want you to know that lots of people in the states like myself (Albany, New York area) have been completely enamored with IME since the first time “Rain Will Fall” graced the airwaves! Anyway, here’s the email I wrote about a year ago in case you missed it. (Just want you to know that it means a lot to me that you are back together – you are one of a handful of bands in my 41 years that have lasted in my ever changing rotation of music).

    Subject: ATTN: Christian and Jagori-Just FYi
    Date: May 30, 2011 11:28:33 PM EDT

    I hope this letter finds either Christian or Jagori (or both).
    I just wanted to let you know that there are still some people who keep checking up on you guys every so often, waiting to see if you’ll make another I Mother Earth album….
    I just read the wikipedia page and it said that Jagori mentioned a possible reunion at some point back in 2010 and I though I’d write a letter in case it helps in any way. You know, another band I like (Spock’s Beard) self funded their last album by asking people to pre-order it way ahead of time in order to pay for the expenses of creating the album… and I think that worked out well for them… I did it and did not regret it.
    I was so dissapointed when IME split up… I think you guys were just hitting your stride as a band with QMD ( I have my signed copy sitting on a shelf in a sealed plastic bag – sticker still in there – love the foil printing- your design work has always been fantastic although BGO is still my favorite design wise) I also loved the website design you had for Scenery and Fish! That blew me away at the time… I listen to your albums on my iPod quite often still. I love to sing along to Passenger and No Coma… such well written songs! Hell & Malfunction is another favorite of mine…. I’m listening to it right now! I love the intricate stuff and the layers in your songs, yet you still keep it cohesive and easy to get sucked in to…
    Anyway, just so you know, there is at least one copy of the next IME album sold already… I don’t even need to hear it first. I know it will be awesome already. Please make sure you get Brian Byrne to sing if possible, he was just starting to grow on me and I like his two albums vocally a bit better than Edwins’ two. Just my humble opinion. I checked out Brian’s country stuff a while back…. Not my cup of tea, but God Bless him for doing what he likes! In my opinion, he was perfect for IME though!
    If you do make a new album and you do signed pre-orders again, I’m in, and if you ever come to the Albany, NY area, I would love to see my first ever IME show! You have been in this area before, but I was unable to make it to a show… I’ve heard nothing but great reviews of your live shows…
    Take care gentlemen and good luck in whatever you do. I will always at least have the four IME albums that I love so much. Thank you for creating them!
    Joel A. Glastetter

    • Jag Tanna

      Awesome Joel! Quite the letter. Really appreciate the good vibes! Yeah back in 2010 i was doing a lot of interviews for this documentary series I was producing and the idea of reconnecting with the fellas was always in the first one or two questions! Funny, but I never really thought about us being on anyones mind during the hiatus until I started getting asked about it constantly! Got me thinking, not doing… Just thinking. We’re pretty lucky to have the fans that we do, and lucky to be able to continue! Thanks Joel, and sorry we missed that initial note from you!

      • Joel

        Hey Jag, Thanks for the personal response! Now if you guys could just make it back to the Albany, New York Area so I could catch a live show, that would be great!
        p.s. If there’s any chance you could remove my email address from my previous post, I’d greatly appreciate it. I didn’t realize that I left it in there. I was careful to remove your email address that I sent to, but forgot to remove mine. Not the end of the world if you can’t. Thanks again for the personal response and keep up the great work! I purchased the mp3 single by the way and played it for my 8 year old daughter and she loved it too! Take care.

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  5. Ron

    I don’t really mind if this doesn’t end up being read or not, but I must say that I love the creativity all of the IME albums hold, and the layers you find as you listen to it again and again. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how you guys thought to make such wonderful songs, but I hope you make songs you enjoy for a long time. Kind of sad you probably won’t come to Alberta any time soon, but here’s hoping.

    Favorite song is easily Passenger.

  6. Shawn

    Wow, I thought I was stolked for Big Wreck this week, but hearing that I Mother Earth is putting out live music is EVEN BIGGER. Is it too much to hope you guys will come out all the way out west to Victoria?!
    Biggest reason why I love IME: Rhythm. Not enough bands get this. You guys are up there with my all-time favourite bands; Rage Against the Machine, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers when it comes to rhythm. Now that you’re alive again, you’re one up on Rage 😉

    I won’t get to see the show, but I hope you play my favourite song anyway. Earth, Sky &C. Shortcut to Moncton and Used to be Alright are pretty close contenders though, I have got to say. The whole album, seriously, the single most played album I own.

  7. Navelgarden

    How do I come close to describing how great this news is to me? And why do I feel it’s so important that I try? It’s been many years of google searches, playing your albums again and again (always from the first track to the last…never have I skipped a track feeling like I’ve heard any one part of it enough), and loving the moments when my daughter “gets it” when I’m playing her one of your songs and saying, “These guys, sweetie, are the most amazing muscians and songwriters I have ever heard. Listen to this…” I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s ass when I’m saying that. It’s true. Your music is a journey. Close your eyes, lean back, and enjoy. To learn today that new tunes are finally coming is….. well, suddenly I find myself speechless. Which is fine by me, because I’m here to listen. While you guys do the talking. With the instruments you know so well. Today is a very very good day.

  8. Jason

    I’m from Montreal, and my buddy just emailed me saying there was a show in Toronto. After reading the web site for details, I start reading all the crazy news in which my mind is blown away…This is amazing ! Hope you guys have fun. You guys have a special talent and ear to music which has its place. It is powerful enough to influence beyond listeners, as your talent also has an impact on musicians (know what I mean). Congratulations, and wish you the best. Now I have to figure out a way to make in Toronto next Month (not easy with kids). Thank You for bringing additional joy to my life.

  9. Jay Benison

    I, like many others, have been awaiting this announcement for years. I honestly was listening, and air drumming, to BGO with my roommate yesterday saying “these guys need to resurface…” and then this morning a text from an old high school friend had delivered the news. Stoked!

    Wondering if anyone, Jag or other, can help me with this question:
    sometime before the release of Quicksilver, I remember the IME site had a quote on the main page, I believe it read something like ” although there are worlds awaiting ….?????” I can’t remember the rest though and would love to have it completed. Anyone?????

  10. Ian

    Jag, you were the best Canadian guitar player.
    Let’s hear some more of that sweet & lush Fender neck tone, and killer bridge humbucker crunch.
    Glad to hear you’re playing again.

  11. Monikkr_M

    I’m a musician myself, and my band has also been on hiatus for several years, not quite 8 though. :) As I have continued writing and recording on my own, much of my warm up material has been playing your songs. Always keep a spot in my heart for those lovely tunes. Soon I will be releasing some tracks and possibly dedicate at least one to you fine gentlemen for inspiration over the years. Glad your back, and rocking it like you always do. Congratulations, and I look forward to the new material, new shows with the same faces we all know and love. Thanks for all the years of amazing music, and I’ll be here supporting you for anything else that happens to come our way.


      • Monikkr_M

        Thanks a lot Jag! I must say, you folks have always been one of the most respected bands in Canada since your creation. I even had the chance to play pool with Edwin many years ago. He still owes me 20$. :)


  12. Adam Swanson

    I just had a major surgery Tuesday. The first thing I read when I woke up was this… Such great news about one of my favorite bands of all time ending their hiatus! Living in the states, having to miss out on the past few tours, watching what I could on MuchMusic when we still got it here and and the Internet in the early days … Well, SUCKED.

    All I can say is thanks, you really got me feeling better fast. I just hope you can find your way to NYC or I can find my way up there so I can finally see you guys.

    I simply can’t wait to hear your new stuff!!!

  13. Darcy

    I’ve googled “I mother earth reunion” every month for the past 8 years. So happy something finally came up, even better that it was a hiatus! IME is my favourite band to this day. God I wish I lived in Toronto. Might make the trip from Alberta regardless. Welcome back guys!

  14. Derek Nelson

    IM SO FREAKING PUMPED FOR THIS SHOW. jag if your reading this, I want to bring you my 1966 tele to play or sign or grace with your hands lol either way im very excited and happy for you guys.. peace

  15. Brad W

    It will be good to see everyone back together. To this day you are still one of the most influential music groups around. Your music is as realistic and relevant today as it was almost 20 years ago. Music, especially alternative rock, needs you to write again and produce something that is really worth listening too. I really look forward to hearing your new stuff and seeing you guys live again.

  16. Doreen

    This is honestly the best news I have heard in a long time ! Also been a hardcore fan since Dig :) IME has always had such a unique sound, and so very transitional…you should all be so proud of what you have given “us”, the fans :) Thank you for continuing your journey ! Rock on IME :)

  17. Curtis Turner

    i just have to say that you are still the most influential bands in my life and i probably listen to atleast one of your albums every week and hearing that you guys are writing again …. words cant describe you guys are undeniably the best canadian alt progressive rock band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Brad

    Just want to say that you guys have been in my top 3 since Dig came out. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff and to see you live again.

  19. Aaron

    Can’t wait to hear the new stuff. I have been in Arizona since a couple months after the last show. I still rock a couple IME t-shirts but they’re wearing away. Bring some merch if you still have it. I will be at the show somehow. I’ve always wanted to hear that show from Georgian college. I dont care how it sounds. You guys played your asses off that night! Cant wait for the show!!!

  20. Missmimi

    I’ve been waiting with baited breath on what the announcement would be and it did not disappoint. I’m glad things have come together for all of you and I can’t wait to see you rock it like no other again. I have a lot of great memories of IME and the friendships that came out of it and hope many of us can reunite again.

  21. Will B

    Well I think its safe to say your fans have been missing something. You guys were made to make music, and its great to see you back at it. I will support IME 100% and I hope we can see a full length album released in the future. IME has always done a great job in putting together a quality album. Hit play, and let it go from start to finish. Thats a rare find these days and it would be a shame to not proceed in this manner. Welcome back boys!!! Thanks for making our 2012.

  22. Brandon

    Totally stoked Jag (et al)… Really looking forward to seein’ you guys rock the stage, and hopefully hanging out after shows again…

    If you “accidentally” let some preview songs leak, I don’t think any of us would complain either… 😉

  23. Eric

    Sounds like you guys are back for all the right reasons. I’m very happy to hear that. No rush to get new material out; just happy to hear that you guys are all back having fun with the music. If you love it, we’ll love it.

    Have fun guys — we’ll be here when you’re ready.

  24. craig

    Awesome yet welcome news to hear!!! I share the same feelings as all the others…Been a listener and a fan since “Dig” in ’94. I cant wait to hear your new work as well–totally stoked!!! I truly hope this ends up being a positive rewarding experience for you the band and I look forward to helping out any way possible that i can…ps I live in OK in the US so to expect a live show in these regions might be a stretch i imagine…but still!!! LONG LIVE IME

  25. RodneyGK

    Over the years I never stopped listening to the IME collection. You can really hear the work you guys put into the music. It’s a pretty incredible library. Happy to hear your back at it, and looking forward to the new material!

  26. Hilary K

    This is amazing news, its been long overdue!! This is a perfect start to a new year! Hope to see you in Newfoundland SOON!!! Looking forward to the new music guys…

  27. Colton

    So stoked to hear you’re back. Huge IME fan from Brandon, MB. Favorite band for years now, can’t wait to hear the new stuff.

  28. Paul in Vancouver

    Hardcore IME fan for years. So glad that you guys are back together. Sadly, I never got to see you guys live so please find a way to make it out to Vancouver. I think you guys will have no problem lining up gigs out here. Take care, can’t wait to hear again.

  29. Bno

    As Brian said: 2012 IS going to be a great year for music…I can feel it. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the west coast!

  30. Yvonne F.

    Hey!! This is such exciting news! Your fans have sincerely missed IME! Looking forward to hearing some of your new music and seeing you guys…and thanks for sharing your blog…can’t wait to read more! Take care,

  31. Jess

    WOW! IME back and you have a blog and Twitter, crazy. When I first got the internet I used to hangout on the IME message boards and today the internet and the music business are very different places. Excited to see IME back divin into the social media sites and excited for whatever this brings and to hear some new music :)

  32. :)

    amazing! i’ll definitely be at your show. i was at the last one and it remains the best concert ever. while you’ve been on hiatus, your albums have never strayed too far from my stereo.

  33. Melanie T

    Great news tonight! I can’t express how greatfull I am to have been there in the past for the exerience of several live shows. Although I am pretty sure I am unable to attend this upcoming event, I have full faith in the fans who are going to show IME that they have been missed these past few years, and that we need the Mothers to come back with the epic tunes. Much love from Newfoundland, and hope to see you all here real soon. Cheers!

  34. jamie5150

    Thank god! Congrats! And I gotta say my QSMD and Scenery and Fish CD’s are worn out! Glad to have u guys back on your terms!

  35. Dan

    To hear this news put a perma smile on my face. I’m a longtime fan, and completely understood the reasons for the “hiatus”. But now you guys have reconnected and I know I’m not the only one excited to hear that. Without having obligations like dealing with a record company, I think is the way to go. Do it on your terms, however and whatever they may be.
    I’m looking forward and hope to see you guys in T.O.
    Thanks again for being honest and giving us a little insight into the last 8 years.
    I know you’ll kill it March 23.

  36. Cory E.

    Looking forward on any new tunes with BB singing and showing off those crazy dance moves!! The best of luck and i am sure your fans will support any new IME music that comes out in 2012.

  37. Jay Cairns

    I’m sooooo happy you all are coming back, and coming back the same you exited, a show for yourselves and fans. Not for money or glory, for yourselves to re-connect and for us to wallow in your “awesomness.” I WILL be there!!!!!! Rock on guys, cant wait till March

  38. Mike

    Long time fan here – I’ve been waiting for this news for years.

    I’ll be at your show. And the one after that…and the one after that…

  39. Marc

    Awesome news! Though it was already a couple years old in 98, I remember that Scenery and Fish was what me and my buddies listened most during our senior year in high school. BGO and QMD are my personal favorites… Can’t wait to hear whatever new stuff you guys decide to release.

    Saw you guys at the first Summersault in Shediac in 98 and again at Chevy’s in Feb 2000. Here’s hoping you guys can make it out to Moncton again.

  40. Loren

    Awesome news, Jag. Awesome news, all of you. I’m going to hold off questions for now, and just satisfy myself with being happy that you’re all doing this!

    Being rather westerly, I haven’t seen you guys as often as some, but I have gone a long way out of my way to see you many times. The shows are always amazing. I have missed your music a lot, though, and I would be so thrilled with new music in any amount. Really looking forward to whatever’s on the horizon, and I’m not the only one.

  41. Graham

    All I can say is “Thank you”.

    You have made a lot of IME fans – myself included – very happy people tonight.

    I wish all of you success in everything that you choose to do with IME and outside of IME.

  42. Ryan

    Great to have you guys back. I still remember being in Grade 12, back in 2003, when when I first heard “Not Quite Sonic” on Much and then went and discovered the full IME catalog. The impact all the records had on me, especially TQSMD, has, to this day, not been erased. 9 years without new music pretty much guarantees anything new you guys put out I’ll buy (got to love declining marginal utility- the more you have, the less you need; the less you have, the more you need/want).

    Living in Alberta will make it difficult to attend a live show (although not impossible…) but if the band ever makes its’ way out west again I’ll for sure be there to check out the performance. Speaking of live shows, I don’t know if anyone even still has a copy, but I seem to recall one of the band members (either you or Chris) saying that the entire “Live off the Floor” concert in Barrie was video recorded (that or it was a wonderful dream I had one night which I mistook for a real memory). Any chance it will ever see the light of day?

  43. thequash

    Have held out hope of another opportunity to see you guys for many many years. While Barrie was awesome, it was bittersweet.

    Glad to hear you guys are all well and are pumped to get back on stage. Speaking for my flock of die-hard IME fanatics, we hope this is the first of many.

    Thank you IME

  44. Scott Hammond

    This is the best day of my life. I’m very excited that you guys have re-kindled your friendships and are all feeling good about the continuation. I’m very excited to hear what comes from writing what you want without looming pressure from the mooks of the industry. I’ve been a fan since ’91 and it’s just so good to see you guys back at it. Congrats!

  45. digtastik

    I’m smiling as I type this. Life has changed for quite a few of us in these years, I imagine. Wherever we are, I’m glad we’re still here. Welcome back guys. Looking forward to what you guys have in store for us.


  46. Adam L.

    Glad you’re back, Jag et all. Likewise, I’ll catch you up. Married, 2 kids, live in Texas now…but I’ll be there for the show.

    I guess things continue to be alright. We’ve missed the music, thanks for coming back. Album or not, doesn’t matter. Nothing ever beat your live show.

  47. Ron Ells

    Well, I for one am excited about the possiblities. I have enjoyed IME since the first album and have recently discovered the latter albums. I have seen IME live 3 or 4 times and have been always been drawn to the musicainship within IME. Truely unique and very cool vibe. I admire your honesty for how you want to proceed going forward. I hope this resumes into a full time thing and I will look forward to hearing some new tunes….and seeing you guys play live..maybe down here in Windsor..;-)

    Cheers R.

  48. Wenge

    Welcome back! This is the best music news I have had in a long, long time. I hope you all make it out to the West coast, but even if you’re just making new music, that’s the most important thing. Can’t wait to hear it!!!

  49. Cory Flynn

    One thing real IME fans know about you guys, is your commitment to make great music for the sake of music. When I first heard of your “continuation”, I wasn’t thinking cashgrab, I was thinking…finally. There was no doubt about the reasons you were getting back together. I’ve been listening since the first album was released and like true art; it stands the test of time. Really looking forward to the new tunes, I will personally spread the word. Here’s the first request for an east coast show, I can’t afford to go to Toronto, lol.

  50. Jason

    Glad you guys have found each other again! Hardcore IME fan right here in Moncton, New Brunswick. Come visit us. A lot of people are sure to come. IME is unique and nobody matches what you produce plus its Canadian….Can’t wait to hear more about the band!

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