DAY 2… the aftermath

Well, what can I really say? Last nights ‘reveal’ was about as surreal as can be, with the response more than a little overwhelming. It’s one kind of challenge to come back together as a band, but to actually lay it all out there once again for people to love/hate is a complete mind fuck. You would think that we are a bunch of cocky sumbitches that believe this whole thing is a no-brainer, but you would be WAY off! The pile of fingernails around my chair proves it.. and my aching little nubs…

We started this thing wondering if anybody would even remember us or care for that matter. Maybe we would come off as a bunch of old guys trying too hard? This happens all the time, so how are we different. A fate worse than death in my eyes! Seriously. The only reason to continue ‘talking’ is if you actually have something to say. Musically, I think we are spot on and staying true to what we are, so why not share? Whatever happens, happens… took me awhile to get to feeling that way.

The night went down in a pretty funny way. First off, we didn’t know exactly when Bookie was going to say anything, so the counter went right up until we knew his show started. So at 7, everybody had to sit through a bunch of tunes and facebook was lighting up with a lot of ‘wtf’s? Then ticketmaster goes and posts everything before Bookie could say anything and people started figuring it out. We were so close to achieving what every band these days hopes for: being able to keep something secret!

The funniest thing was before the announce Used To Be Alright came on! Hilarious! A lot of action online about that with people getting angry… insulted even. I was a little put off at first but then I realized that I actually like the song, and haven’t heard it in quite awhile. Chris, Bruce and myself wrote the damn thing so no harm! A good song is a good song… sounded fine to me. Wasn’t Bookies fault at all. Then I get a note saying Chris’ interview couldn’t go live because of technical problems and the announce is delayed! The whole night kind of had this groundhog day feel…. we could almost guess what was next. Brian was in his car driving home and i’m just waiting for the call saying he hit a moose or something… Finally it happened, Bookie was great as always, and there you go.

It’s too late to back out… right?

So needless to say, the support, the tweets and emails have been nothing but overwhelmingly positive and we are blown away. I’ve always known that we’ve had a special kind of relationship with our fans and last night confirmed it once again. Absolutely amazing and I wish other bands could experience it. Extremely humbling. The support from within the industry has been really great as well which I’m very surprised and thankful for. Thanks to you all!

BTW: everybody give a really big thanks to theEdge, who have always been there for us and worked hard to allow this to happen, (take a minute and let them know they are doing good things!) and to Live Nation for getting behind this idea and also making it happen, and of course Sound Academy for letting us have some fun in their awesome venue… hope we don’t break anything!

Now…. back on the treadmill… I hate this fucking thing!!!!



  1. Lincoln

    Good day sir!

    I saw you guys at UTM after I had got to love TQMD, and I was blown away. I was involved in setting up the show and I remember just about everything went wrong, the stage wasn’t set up right, the generator wouldn’t start and nobody knew what the hell they were supposed to do. You had to start really late and you were probably all tired but you made it great when you could have chosen to half-ass it, and I for one was really grateful. I still tell my friends you put on a better show than Tool.

    I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the sad old guys trying to feed their egos. But in the very, very least, you thoroughly earned the benefit of the doubt some years ago, and we’re all going to give you that much and more, unless and until you prove us wrong. I’m sure you already know what kind of pressure you’re about to step into from all possible sides, to do and be someone else’s idea of a Reunited I Mother Earth, but it sounds like you’ve got the good sense to throw all of that away and focus on your own direction, which ultimately is what everyone loved you for in the first place.

    I can’t wait to hear the new material, and I suppose this is as good a time as any to say thank you for composing the soundtrack to much of my life.

  2. E

    Wtf!!! They’re back!!! Didn’t think this would ever happen! Was at the last show in Barrie.. How epic was that! Wish I would have gotten the good news earlier so I could have picked up some tix… But I’m hoping there will be more! I’m just really looking forward to hearing some new stuff. My tqmd album is getting tired from spinning so much.. Jag, what ime album would u say the new stuff is sounding like? If any of em… :) Hopefully u boys make it out to Ottawa.

    • Jag Tanna

      So far, it sounds like any and all IME, with a little extra! Ha! No direction, just playing for playing’s sake and writing to have fun….

      A few riffs definitely have a throwback vibe for us, while others seem to be the most likely version of us if we had continued. To tell you the truth, we feel like we are better individually and on top of our game, but have to see yet if that translates into killer tunes. Methinks yes!

      • E

        That’s great jag, thanks for the reply. Not sure how it’s possible that you guys have become even better musicians since the hiatus but damn! That excites me! I’m really looking forwArd to hearing the natural progression and direction that ime is heading towards. Sounds like all and any ime, with a little extra!? More cowbells!? I’m glad you guys are back and just taking it all in stride, 1 step at a time.. No expectations… Just how it should be. Really cannot wait for new tunes. I’ve been spreading the word to friends… All equally excited. Good luck jag and the gang.

  3. Geoff O'Brien

    First and foremost, I am totally stoked that IME is back…I was fortunate enough to have grown up in Barrie ON and to have been able to associate the best summertime memories of my life with bouncing up and down in a mosh pit to your music…And for that, I thank you guys…
    I’m a little older, and sometimes a little wiser, however the urge for live outdoor music remains to be my release and longtime passion…I attend a three day music festival every year called Boonstock near Edmonton Alberta… It totally rivals the Edgefests from back in the day…I have suggested IME to the promoters for the last few years hoping, by some stroke of luck, that you guys would play again…As I realize you guys are only planning the single show for now, I am certain your fans, including myself, will anticipate seeing you guys live again…If I didnt live in northern Alberta I would have killed to be at your upcoming show, as I’m sure it will be epic…2012 is going to be a good year…cheers!!

  4. Regolith

    Hey Jag, I just bought my concert tickets, and will be flying out there from Vancouver. Cant wait! Back in 2003 me and 3 friends took a road trip out to see the outdoor IME show in Chestermere, near Calgary. We all met you at the stage after the show which was a huge highlight. Onto the question: I have always wondered if you would ever play “The Universe in You” live? Maybe put Brian on the Hammond…?

    • Jag Tanna

      Always wanted to play that song! Who knows? We start talking about that kind of thing next week! Brian on hammond…… Hmmmm. Can i just say no to that for now? Lol! He would knock it over or wreck it im sure…

  5. Geoff

    Well first off need to say thanks for this guys!….Cocky-sumbitches? nah not a chance. Have met you all a few times and only adds to the fact that after enjoying your music over the years more than any other band, you are all still down to earth guys wanting to chat and connect…now that is truly special. Over the years there has been a large group of friends since HS that concur on one thing IME is special for us, our fav. (didn’t find that strange though, almost comforting? That we could put on the music over some pints and chatter about what we thought of certain songs)9 of us are heading down for the show(and that will likely grow). Anyway you guys are in the P borough now? Sorry if this has been asked already but haven’t scrolled through all the comments…I remember you boys used to play the Eeels hockey I think it was? With alot of guys from other bands, Clark Nova amongst others…you still strap on the blades now and again? Pond hockey tourney here in Port Perry tomorrow, and looking forward to it…Love it here but sucks being a Pete’s fan in a sea of Generals…arrgghh!!!

    • Jag Tanna

      The EELS! Good times. No more hockey for me i dont think! If looking at the treadmill has me dry heaving, what do you think a couple laps on the ice would do to me?!

      Ive been lucky enough to go to a lot of Petes games since coming back home and ive been digging it actually!

      Great to hear that you’re coming down with a gang! Bring your sticks!

  6. Tertiumsquid

    I remember buying Big Shiny Tunes when I was twelve, and having to repeat One More Astronaut many times because it was so damn awesome! I received Scenery And Fish that Christmas and loved every minute of it. Picked up Dig later, which blew my young mind. Both Dig and SaF were in a stack of albums that were stolen from me sometime in high school, and they were the only albums I actually replaced. The Universe In You is still among my favourite guitar solos ever, and Not Quite Sonic still gives me a tingle.

    I remember doing some sort of song/poetry study in grade 12 on Summertime In The Void, which was still one of my favourite songs even 3 years after the album was released. The Quicksilver Meat Dream came out after I graduated, and for some reason I passed on it (didn’t like the singles a lot), but I came back to it a while later and found some awesome songs like Soft Bomb Salad, Hell and Malfunction, and Choke. You guys are one of the major inspirations that helped me become a musician.

    I also remember my disappointment when I heard that you split up. I was too young to have been to one of your concerts, especially considering how difficult it is to have any good concerts where I live (Victoria BC). All of your albums still get regular rotation in my CD player, and remain as some of the only albums I never even thought of selling or trading.

    Good to see you guys back! As my favourite band of the ninety’s, I definitely remember you guys, and I definitely care that you’re back together! Lets hope this venture of yours is successful enough to see you playing somewhere in the west coast!

  7. Glock

    So if questions are fair game, would love to know your plans with the live shows. I know you’ve got a library of every IME show on DAT sitting around from the past, but the new stuff as you play it…will we get to hear some MP3’s or other streamed audio more consistently?

    Also, you guys always had to ‘play the game’ with the record labels, with this venture are you keeping it in-house so to speak so that you’ll be able to make whatever sound you want?

    So many question, but one thing that’s never been in question is the loyalty that your fans have had. I think everyone appreciate you acknowledging that and that this whole venture is about them too.


    – Adam “Glock” (I haven’t used that handle since the old forum days, AND the old live chat thing wow that’s a whole other trip…)

  8. Kevin

    I hope that all goes well with the Toronto show and that you guys will take to the road sometime soon. Myself and many others would love to see you play another show in Edmonton!

  9. Sules

    so pumped. tickets, check. hotel, check. enough enthusiasm that I might explode before march 23… check.

    seriously though, people had a problem with used to be alright??

  10. notquitesonic

    You guys need to bring back the forum for the fans.. it kept quite active years after your last show, just shows how die-hard your fanbase really is.

    Already bought my tickets for the show, can’t wait.

  11. al b

    Cant wait to see you back on stage, doing what you do… Melting peoples faces with killer tunes! I want those new tunes, let me know when and where I can get them. Cheers

  12. Jeff S

    Tickets for March 23? Check.

    Welcome back, Jag. Can’t wait to see you guys rip up the stage at Sound Academy… yeah, you’ll probably break something at the venue!

  13. digtastik

    These are great reads. Really taking me back. I’m ready for a new “Summertime moment.” I was sitting in my cube streaming edge102, since you know atlanta radio sucks, when they debuted Summertime way back when. Seems like so long ago. It was a strange moment. Our first taste of the new IME and it was a hoot. Here we go again. 2012 is going to rock.

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