Clarifications and the Golden Sharpie

I received a ton of email recently from one of my posts regarding “stepping out” of my current musical set up and looking for some different people to make music with. The emails fell into three categories: “Oh my god, what about IME”, “I have a harmonica and would love to tear it up yo”, and “Awesome bro, can’t wait to hear it”.

Maybe I should clarify.

First off, the ideas in my head in no way interfere with anything IME related. In fact, i’m more excited by the music we are making right now than ever before, and just want to push it out like the magical, solid gold, evenly-tapered musical turd that it is! Totally satisfying and sure to turn some heads.

As frustrating and chaotic as it can sometimes be, IME is my first love always… I have put way too much of myself into it to push aside. So no worries there!

That being said, the very fact that my entire musical effort can only be contained within the IME universe, has been a little disturbing as of late. Not for a lack of musical satisfaction mind you, only because I need to make more noise! Playing live especially really is about as happy as I can be and perhaps I can find a way to do more. (Quizás, quizás, quizás.)

I have so many aspects of my playing and writing that just wouldn’t fit in with what we are doing right now and instead of shoving them aside I think finally I want to try to do something about it. You have to understand that I basically quit playing guitar when we went on hiatus. Seriously, all of my gear just sat in storage, and as of now i sit here with my loose skin and old balls thinking, “why the fuck did I do that?”. I LOVE to play, and it’s who I am, no matter how hard I try to discover something else that might possibly define me. I’m just not that interesting outside of that, and it’s what I am stuck with… so I need to work it!

This time away definitely helped me as a player and I feel a lot more in touch with my hands. My head is filled with a million new experiences and overall I feel kind of “groovy” and a little more informed. Out of all of us, I am the only one who has never stepped outside of IME to stretch my legs so to speak… No solo records, no gigs, no jams, and definitely no working in the thea-tah. I guess I always felt like IME is kind of like my own playground in a way and I have definitely enjoyed a ton of freedom, just with a little more guilt thrown in.

So why bother, right?

Because I can…

Hiding in my hidey hole no longer makes me feel safe.

I have no idea what shape things will go, but I’ve already been hit up by some heavy cats that just want to do the same thing. You know, make a bit of a ruckus without really tipping the apple cart. At this point, I have my mind set on two projects. The first one is of course extremely guitar oriented with a ton of fucked up rhythms and grooves, and some surprising sensitivity. The second will just go according to who is with me. Could be pop, metal, funk… I don’t care really, as long as it’s fun and beats the shit out of what’s on the radio! It’s more like a sport than anything, and has the potential to be a pretty cool listen if I get off my ass and do it. So far, I love the response.

I’m looking for some pretty interesting players for both but I don’t know who just yet, and so far it’s really promising. Yet another reason not to sleep! Hey, if you have a thought about who I should play with, famous or not, I’m open to opinions. Uh… no guitar players (i’ll go out on a limb and say that I think I have someone for that). I should also note that I don’t dismiss the idea of the guys at all if they are interested, and if they connect at all with the music… love making music with these guys too! Again, It’s not about stepping away from my guys at all, I just want more!

I’m also looking at producing and mixing again. I really enjoyed doing that with other people but totally washed my hands of it after one experience that was profoundly horrible. I always like to think that most musicians are cut from the same cloth but learned that some are a complete waste of any effort or kindness. I witnessed many good musicians and business folk being hurt through the years, and for what? Somebody’s ego? Karma is a bitch though isn’t it? Failure is deserved as much as success. Yes, that’s the sound of one hand clapping. Enjoy.

I decided awhile back that I can’t let one experience define my own direction. I LOVE working on music and need to be back in touch with other people’s processes. If I can add to somebody’s experience, i’m in.

For the past 4 years I have also been working on some other concepts to help level out the playing field for new artists and hope to be able to talk more about it soon. A TON of red tape, but good things are worth fighting for. I’m also working on a new music documentary extremely close to my heart that I would love you all to know about soon, but of course i’m still working on a million details… You need to join me on this quest for musical truth.

Also still trying to organize my “Creative Mind Meld (and other forms of Assholedness)” tour and looking for input. The response has been overwhelming from people who would like to get in on this and get the ball rolling. Like i said in one of my posts, i just want to sit and have coffee with groups of people who sort of know me and talk, all issues on the table. Guitar, writing, production, business, philosophy… Be great to do it city by city if people can help me organize something. Let me know.

IME is also currently getting more dates together which I’m really excited about (hope to announce a couple soon) and we hope to start some more recording momentarily! Yes, that turd is like a golden sharpie painting our collective musical gitch!

So let’s get at it!

Ama a tu Mamá



  1. Navelgarden

    Trying to give you space, but dude I am DYING to get an update if you have time and info and energy to share. On the recent concerts. On the band and side projects you’ve teased us with above. We Got The Love was the best song I have heard in YEARS, and I’m looking forward to (aka waiting impatiently for) as much more as you have to give. I hope all is well. ~ Pete

  2. Andrew

    I may be a little late to the party, but one of the most interesting artists whose music tends to transcend simple time signatures is Maynard James Keenan. I might wet myself if that collaboration ever happens. Just a thought.

  3. TinMan



    I’d suggest trying to hook something up musically with Stuart Chatwood.
    He reminds me of John-Paul-Jones from Zeppelin.
    That is, someone who is in the “background” doing lots of heavy lifting and packs a diverse set of solid musical skills.

    If not, next time you are in the Windsor-Ontario-area i’m free. We’ll talk music, trade riffs & licks and play some bubble-boy-table hockey…I’m the Bruins though…you can be the Leafs or the Wings…

  4. Philly Duffy

    IME is my favourite Canadian band of all time, every time i listen to your records i can never understand why you aren’t at the top of the world.. Something i guess i will never understand – but i guess that’s just the music business… Can’t wait to hear new material, We Got the Love is an awesome tune, keep it coming!

  5. Oneofthemanyvictims

    While I appreciate what you’re saying, it’s never cool to laugh at someone’s pain. I wish you all the best.

  6. Josh Purdy

    Cowboy Junkies?
    I always thought of IME and Cowboy Junkies as on the same page. Both bands have their own following of dedicated fans, the guitar player of both groups run the message board/website and interact with the fans, Both Ontario, Both have their own style of music that is far different than others.
    Just my opinion but from my very distant perspective I imagine something great coming out of that.

    When was the last time IME played in Halifax? No what I’m saying?
    I’d spread the word about that show!

  7. Travis

    Well this is more exciting news. I can’t wait to see what comes in the future. I’m not going to offer fanboy advice of oooo play with this band because frankly I’m not in a position to offer good advice.

    A trait you could look for is something that you exude on stage. I see it every time you play and I LOVE it. You get into this zone, another dimension, where the world fades away, and you’re watching musical notes go by in the matrix or something. Find other people like that, like Dave Grohl is on drums.

    Whatever it is, whenever it is, IME Nation will be there with you… and at home with sore necks and voice boxes the next day.

  8. Nick

    Speaking of dates, if you guys can find a way to tour Australia, I can guarantee at least 10 very excited people in the audience! Coroner are doing it for the first time after 17 years, IME can too!

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