Hey Gang…

So Blossom? WTF?

Well as you already know, we have a new track called Blossom coming out and I thought I would start telling you about it now before it’s out of hand and we can still actually control our message…. and it’s a good one. (we are actually a little bit proud of this concept)

I was going to hold off giving any details about this song until early next week as the release is officially Nov 6th, but as the song was unexpectedly leaked against our wishes, our whole fucking plan was scrapped… (well, almost). Yay! So much for all of our usual sneaky shit!

I was about one second away from throwing the tune in the shitter actually and saying ‘fuck it’ out of frustration and just start in on a new one. It was just another example of outside forces fucking with our proverbial and infamous’shit’, and I think by now you all know how I feel about that! I just don’t have the stomach for it anymore. So instead, the more mature me (yes, me) started thinking that this can all be turned into a positive if we just work with you guys and tell you our new plan for this tune.

As I said before, the song was slated for Nov. 6, the leak happened, and radio folk want to start spinning it now. This is awesome news for sure, but as the song doesn’t officially come out on itunes and other platforms until Nov 13, we feel its way too early to help our plan as it was, and now have mixed things up a bit. Im guessing most people will have the song after this week anyhow, post it on youtube and well, thats the end of that song in some ways, (purely from a marketing/promo/trying to create cool new business perspective).

So… We have decided to just give the song to you. We have also decided to donate 100% of our proceeds of this song to helping other musicians going through hard times via The Unison Benevolent Fund, an organization that you all know we have supported in the past. The song will be available on all digital platforms by Nov 13th with pre-order option available Nov 6th. So obviously we are hoping you will still buy it for yourself, a friend, an enemy….. totally up to you. We can only appeal so much to the more gentle, non-piratey side of the general public and hope for the best. Please think about supporting us with this endeavor. Its kind of cool.

So here is the new plan for Blossom that i hope you guys can support us on:

-Fuck it, radio starts today…. please start requesting at your local fave stations.
-As of Nov. 6th, the song will be available as a free download through the radio stations website, please support those who support us, visit them and link through them… No shortcuts.
-The provided link will direct you to a page that does three things a) give you the song b) provide links for pre ordering/gifting the song if you feel like it and c) give you some cool information about Unison And the musicians we are trying to help.
-Listen carefully to the song without interruption and smile a bit, shake your ass, punch somebody…..
-Spread the word if you think what we are doing is worth spreading…. It all helps.

That’s really it. Oh, and how about we donate the proceeds from the last two songs as well? If you buy or gift We Got The Love or Devil’s Engine starting Nov 6th, we’ll donate that money too. I really don’t know how much a band like us can raise with this plan, but the intent is to give it a go, do what we can and hopefully inspire some other artists to think a little more outwardly, you know, beyond the tax write off, and actually help some folks out because you FEEL it…. Know what I’m sayin’?

So… This is kind of cool, and I really believe the IME Nation are a cut above a lot of other folks as you’ve proven time and time again. Help us help others and show folks what all of us are about.

More info coming as I get it! Flying by the seat of our pants a little bit here….

(Maybe I’ll post lyrics a little faster this time… The last efforts at translating were pretty entertaining! Lol!)

Ama a tu mamá



  1. Luke

    Whatever hearts we break
    Whatever beds we’ve made
    Everything I know, come down

    Whatever love we gave
    It was a light that stayed
    Too late in the calidescope, sun down

    That’s all I got until the end

    Whenever I fall, I make it sensational
    Done bother, don’t try to call
    Cause I’m gone

    • greentreee

      That’s the main link. Like the post mentions, i’m going to assume that what ever the band makes via iTunes or where ever people are going to buy the song, the proceeds from it will be donated.

  2. greentreee

    As a possible alternative, why not vinyl? I’ll guess there are costs involved that may exceed current budgets and that, but just a thought. Make the radio stations go back to 45s, then again I guess they could just make a tape of it and pass copies around too. In any case, I’ll still buy when it’s available and try to get friends to buy too.

    • Luke

      Fucking killer tune boys!!!! My ears missed real rock music!! Fucking fantastic, Bryan and the rest of the band are sounding better than ever. Can’t wait till you guys play that makeup gig for haloween.


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